Small Musical Instruments That You Can Travel With

Small Musical Instruments That You Can Travel With

Travelling is a fun activity in itself. But what could make it better? If your guess is music, congratulations, you get a cookie.

There is nothing like travelling around your favourite places while accompanied by music.

Sure, music on your phone or the radio could help. But when it comes out of a real instrument, there’s nothing that tops it.

It lightens up the whole atmosphere and brings people even closer. And also makes travelling so much fun than usual.

But have you seen musical instruments?

A lot of the instruments are too big and heavy to accompany you while you travel.

They take up more space and we simply can’t tag it along with us at all times.

I mean, think of travelling around with a huge guitar or piano.

Until and unless you’re a professional musician who has to travel around with huge instruments, not happening.

But who says you have to travel around with huge musical instruments at all times?

You can swap it for the tinier option and make your travelling fun and easier.

Here are 7 small musical instruments you can travel with.



The first name that pops into almost everyone’s mind when talking about tiny musical instruments is a ukulele.

This tiny guitar-like instrument is one of the best travel companions you could ask for.

It’s handy and light and the best thing is that it fits well in a small backpack.

It only has four strings, unlike a guitar so it’s easier to learn. And it has a peculiar sound, different that guitar as well.


If you’re not a big fan of a ukulele and prefer guitar over it but have no space for it, don’t worry.

Guitalele is just the instrument you need.

This is a tiny instrument as big as a ukulele. But unlike a ukulele, it has six strings, just like a guitar.

As the name implies, it’s a hybrid of a guitar and ukulele.


Harmonica is one of the easiest musical instrument to carry around. And it goes perfectly well with a beautiful strumming of a guitar.

The hard part, however, is playing it.

Make sure you’re breathing is well and you don’t have asthma. Because harmonica is all about controlling your breath.

It makes a great company when going camping in the woods.


Remember how Shah Rukh Khan plays this tiny instrument while singing to Kajol how love feels crazy in DDLJ? Yes, playing the mandolin does that to you (not really).

Mandolin can be a great instrument, especially if you’re more into folk music. Because it brings out an amazing melody of a folk song.


In a first glimpse, a Cajon might look like a speaker box. But it actually is an excellent musical instrument.

It’s not so tiny, however, you can easily carry it around and can replace drums in a subtle way.

Another plus point of travelling with a Cajon is that you can replace it as a small chair if you ran out of space.


You might be in love with piano but since it is one of the biggest musical instruments, you can’t carry it around and play.

But, there is a perfect solution to that problem. A thumb piano, better known as kalimba or mbira.

It is an African musical instrument that produces beautiful mysterious sound.

Something you can play around during a campfire or a quite BBQ night.


The flute is basically a stick that plays tunes when you blow on it. It is actually one of the oldest musical instruments in the entire world.

You can easily store it in your backpack and can take it out and play anywhere.

It’s beautiful sound perfectly compliments folk songs or classical tunes.

It helps you reminisce the good old music from the past.

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