Simple Tricks to Spend Less Time on Your Phone

Let’s face it. Almost half the world’s population are addicted to their cell phones.

Mobile phone owners spend an average of 4 hours interacting on apps per day.

And this addiction does not seem like it will slow down anytime soon.

You choose to talk to your friends via social media even though they are literally standing in front of us.

The moment you wake up in the morning, you search for our cell phone first.

You take it to breakfast, dinner, shower, and literally everywhere possible like a magnet attached to a steel.

To be honest, you have reached to an extreme level of smartphone addiction.

Despite all these, you desperately want to bring some changes in your life and do something productive.

However, no matter how much you try to avoid it, this addiction keeps dragging you down.

If you are facing these situations, don’t worry. You are not alone here.

This is a problem faced by almost everyone out here.

So, help you fight from your addiction, we have jotted down some quick and easy ways spend less time on phone.

Trust me, there’s no better time to start than now. Do it right now.


Have Positive Thoughts

Simple Tricks to Spend Less Time on Your Phone

You can go through some tough times while tackling to your addiction.

However, if you have positive thoughts in your mind, it can get quite easy for you.

Instead of thinking that you will lose pleasure time or refreshment, you must think of how many productive things you can do.

You can talk to your loved ones, invest in your hobbies, exercise or read books.

These kinds of activities will make you feel more refreshed and productive than gazing on your mobile screen.

Eventually, you will start to spend less time on phone and more towards self-care.


Turn off Your Notifications

Simple Tricks to Spend Less Time on Your Phone

Seriously, checking a single notification can turn into a half-hour of cell phone browsing.

It’s easy to get sucked into the social media world through one alert.

So, the only solution is disabling all unnecessary notifications that disturbs your important work.

Even muting your device to stop audio alerts can end that cell phone impulse within you.

A little compromise from your side will do no harm to you.


Track Your Time

The moment you click on your cell phone, you keep on getting engaged until and unless you have something important to do.

So, if you’d like to shockwave yourself into reducing phone time, the best way is to keep track of it.

There are various apps, such as QualityTime for Android and Moment for iOS that monitors your phone usage.

These apps informs you how many hours a day you’re spending on your mobile screen.

Also, these apps allow you to set alerts to remind you if you are using your cell phone too much.


Delete Your Social Media Apps

Simple Tricks to Spend Less Time on Your Phone

If you cell phone addiction is literally affecting your daily life activities, go ahead and delete all your social media apps.

According to TechCrunch, most people in the U.S. spend half of their time on social media apps when using their smartphones.

You will probably notice a huge decrease in the amount of time you spend aimlessly on your phone.

And once you are back to your normal life, you can start using those apps again in minimal ways.


Use Airplane Mode

Putting your phone in airplane mode for few hours a day can save a lot of time.

Especially when you are doing important work, using airplane mode is best.

Without the constant response or reaction to every buzz of notifications, you will save a lot of time.

This will allow you to keep your device as a tool for only when you need it.


Set up Phone-Free Periods

Simple Tricks to Spend Less Time on Your Phone

Like I said earlier, cell phones have become like magnets attached to our body.

However, you don’t need your phone at the dinner table, in the bathroom, or while reading books.

So, in order to spend less time in your phone, try to set up phone-free periods.

Schedule them when you’re busy doing something else, in order to make the break a bit easier.

Chances are you’ll be busy making dinner, spending time with your family or doing important works, so you won’t feel the need of your cell phone.


Keep Pushing Yourself towards Your Aim

Think of what you want to achieve in life and think of how your cell phone addiction is not letting you do so.

So, keep on reminding yourself time and again about your goals in life and constantly work for it.

Remind yourself what you would regret if you were actually near death and start working on those instead of staring on your screen.