Signs That You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence
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Emotional intelligence is a measure of a person’s capacity to self-regulate, manage others, and achieve success. It has been linked with career success in several studies. Emotional intelligence, like IQ, is not something that everyone is born with, but it can be learned and increased with practice. So, how do we know someone is emotionally intelligent or not? Here are five signs that might help.

Good listeners.

Great listening allows you to establish a framework for distinguishing facts from interpretations, reactions, and conclusions. Emotionally intelligent people are aware of the feelings that keep them from listening. They’ve worked hard to build the ability to separate themselves from those feelings so that they can remain open and genuinely listen to what people are telling them.

Emotional intelligence
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When You Make a Mistake, You Apologize.

People with strong emotional intelligence don’t waste time trying to prove their position when they realize they’re wrong. Instead of making excuses, they provide a real apology that allows them to quickly get back on track. In similar situations, ordinary people take a defensive stand, trying to dodge the blame.

You’re Open-Minded.

People who are emotionally knowledgeable and have a high level of self-awareness can listen to a situation without judging it. They don’t automatically dismiss ideas that aren’t the same as theirs. This makes them a popular choice when people face problems or simply need a sympathetic ear. They don’t spend their days chit-chatting or tolerating unpleasant characters, but they do have a flair for assisting individuals in efficiently resolving issues.

You Aren’t Afraid to Tell Something As It Is.

Emotional intelligence necessitates detecting others’ feelings, but this awareness does not imply avoiding the truth or utilizing methods to lessen the shock of harsh feedback. Emotionally intelligent people recognize how important it is for others to hear unpleasant messages. You won’t hear outright honesty that could end the conversation, but you will hear a clear message that needed to be said.

Emotional intelligence
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You Can Handle Criticism Positively.

People with high emotional intelligence deal with criticism without denying it, blaming others, making excuses, or becoming anxious.
One of the features of vital emotional intelligence is self-awareness. Self-awareness is a comprehensive understanding of what drives us, what frustrates, delights, bores, and intrigues us. It also implies that we may evaluate ourselves honestly, warts and all. A person with high emotional intelligence does not have an emotional meltdown when they make a mistake and someone criticizes them for it. They realize that taking criticism personally is counterproductive. When it comes to criticism, people with high emotional intelligence don’t all react the same way.

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