Secrets for Finding True Love

secrets for true love

Love is the power that moves the Earth. It is the idea behind every work of art, every act of beauty, every kind word. It is valuable and difficult to find. There are however some amazing tips for finding true love.

Here are some secrets for a happy relationship.

Find a person that makes you smile

When you wake up in the morning, you have to be with someone that makes you smile. Difficulties will come (and go), but you can learn how to overcome them if you are with someone that can stand by your side, be honest with you and make you feel better.

secrets for true love


Don’t focus on looks

Physical characteristics can take you so far. Of course, it’s important to be attracted to someone, it’s part of the game of love, but it’s not the only thing that counts. Think that you want to spend the rest of your life with a person. Would you be able to talk to him/her even in old age? If your choice is based just on appearances, you may soon find yourself feeling bored.


Don’t make false promises

My motto is “never say never and never say forever”. The second aspect is extremely important if you want to find true love. Don’t promise everlasting love or a life without problems. Soon you will find that it is difficult to keep such a promise, even if you wanted to. And after all, that “forever” is not important.

It is more important to make your partner happy at any given moment than to ruin a relationship with promises you can’t keep. Equally vital is not to try to change someone.

You fell in love because of a person’s characteristics and traits. Don’t try to make them more fit, more thin, nicer, extrovert. It will not end well. Respect the other and remember the reasons you fell in love with him/her.

secrets for true love

True love takes a lot of work

No one said that true love is a walk in the park. Falling in love is the easy part, but for a lasting relationship you need something else: you need to do the talk and walk the walk.

In other words, you need to be committed, to be present, to try time and time again to make the relationship work. Dialogue is a way to do that, recognizing the other’s needs is another.


Treat your partner as you treat yourself (or your best friends)

Sometimes we are not strict on ourselves, but we can be very mean with our partner. When you find yourself wanting to criticize your partner, think about how you would want him/her to treat you.

Ask yourself the following question: If you would be more lenient with yourself why can’t you do the same with your partner? The answer can show you a way forward, a way to achieve a happy relationship status.

secrets for a happy relationship

Don’t let others take you for granted

As important it is to be able to show to someone that you are there for him/her, it is equally important to show them that you have your boundaries. Don’t be afraid to show those boundaries to your partner, talk to him/her about them. It is more important to set some rules from the beginning than to oppress your feelings constantly.


Try again (and again, and again)

Love can’t be true if it doesn’t pass through fire. If you feel hurt or abandoned, don’t be afraid to try again. It’s great to give a second chance to someone. You would probably want the other to do the same for you (just don’t overdo it, it’s not healthy to insist on making a relationship work, even if everything shows that it’s over.

secrets for a happy relationship

Enjoy your time with your partner

Let’s say that you have found true love. Then you better start enjoying the time you spend with your partner. Don’t find excuses to be happy. Don’t say “we have all the time in the world”.

Life is mysterious and difficult and you should seize the day while you can. The important word in a happy relationship is happy. That is the feeling that can make you feel fulfilled and that can be the drive behind everything that you do.