The Sad Reality of Our World

sad reality of our world

Go anywhere around the world we will not find a single person who doesn’t love being rich, or having luxurious cars and houses, being glamorous and famous. Everyone desires to be rich, to have comfort and sparks of happiness in their life. It is a fact that no one can deny.

It may sound exciting, but the fact is that people have made this world a worthless place to live. People are running after fame, glamour and money, leaving behind all the happiness and care for the world. That is the sad reality of our world.

In the world today, the reality is what we say, what we see through our eyes, what we believe, and what we feed the system in order to survive.

There are so many issues going around the world including woman rights, poverty, pollution and many more. If we watch the news or read the newspaper, we will find out that today world has become an unsafe and unstable place to live.

But the sad reality is that people do not realize what problem these issues can cause to the world. They are busy with their own mindset of surviving in the competition.

So, let’s pinpoint some of the major issues happening around the world:


We don’t go online, we live online

sad reality of our world

These days humans are very much busy in social media birds that they tend to ignore the natural birds. Social media addiction has been a much-flouted term lately because people are spending most of their time wasting on it rather than doing something productive.

It is a fact that if we can’t imagine our life without social media that is definitely a sign that we have fallen as a victim to the evil power of social networking and that has been completely normal nowadays. We spend so much time in social media that we have become less capable of distinguishing emotions, less creative and more often ignoring the people around.


Want to breathe fresh air, but don’t plant a tree

sad reality of our world

This is the most common problem faced everywhere around the world. None of us enjoy choking on smog, none of us enjoy putting our health and well-being at risk because of pollution. All of us wish to have air pollution free environment. If it doesn’t, we complain to the nature, the government and so on.

But the thing is, that we never try making an effort to solve this problem by ourselves. We always want the others to find the solution for our comfort. We cut down the plants and trees for our use but we never plant any so that the air can be pollution free. Ultimately, everything in today’s world has become a concern of selfishness. Until and unless we suffer from a chronic disease, we never take any actions.


More charity, more fame

sad reality of our world

Performing acts of charity is something that we have been taught from the younger age. It is always been thought as a good gesture or behavior when we donate something we have to the poor people. However, some people do not give from their heart. Sometimes, we see certain posts on social media about people giving charity or donations and their followers would naturally like their posts.

In this way, charity has become a medium to bring fame and inspire others to do the same, thought it does not come from the heart. We often forget how important it is to give respect to the one who needs or receives the help in the name of fame.


Lots of humans, less humanity

sad reality of our world

We live in a fast paced society where life is mechanical. Earning more money than we already have does matter the most. Today, world has started to become very competitive, and humans have started acting like robot. In this rush, we have started to lack humanity.

Very little do we see people helping each other, be it on the roads, at the workplace or anywhere else. We do not have enough time for anyone except ourselves. We take pride in a false image that we create of ourselves before people. Our ego, competition among each other, limited time and selfishness has made us more like a robot rather than a true human being.


More degrees, less common sense

sad reality of our world

The people with a dozen of degrees and alphabets hanging behind their name have spent a great deal of time in an academic environment. In our society, education is highly valued than smartness or common sense. It is really sad that most of the parents today, tend to pressurize their children to excel academically rather than gaining knowledge and becoming successful.

This is the sad reality faced by almost everyone because we have been raised with this mentality. People who are smarter enough are not treated the same way the people holding many degrees are treated. This scenario is seen in almost everywhere including the offices, schools, colleges and even at our homes.


High income, less peace of mind

sad reality of our world

Happiness doesn’t come from material things like money. It generally comes from deep fulfillment. But the sad reality of our world is that we run so much for money that we forget all our happiness and peace of mind.

It seems natural to assume that rich people will be happier than others. With this misconception, people often put their life endlessly after money. This is the reason people have started to get more depressed and suffer from lots of diseases.


Touched moon, yet neighbors unknown

sad reality of our world

This is the common proverb used by many of us, when it comes to pinpointing something sad happening in our world. It means that the more we are developing within ourselves, the farther we are going from each other.

It exactly doesn’t mean touching the moon. Yet, it means that we have been so busy doing our things and fighting to be on the top that we often forget the people who have helped us in need. We try to achieve the peak of the success and in that process we forget the ones who have been supporting.


Costly watches, no time

sad reality of our world

We often believe buying a luxurious car or watch make them feel rich and superior. Somehow, it does a physiological effect on us, but we have started to misuse it in a negative way.

People buy expensive watches so that it shows accurate time and it doesn’t has to be repaired time and again. But the reality is that, those people who do not have enough time to balance their personal and professional life are the ones who use it the most. What’s the use of wearing those expensive watches, if we are not able to balance our lives with the help of it?


The more attractive, the more popular

sad reality of our world

Today, everyone wants to be popular, pretty, and beloved. We are inherently social creatures, who need social contact. But nowadays, the concept of being attractive is misused so much by people that they use it everywhere.

We do not admire the talent or the personality one has, rather we admire someone who is beautiful or handsome. This is all because of pride of ownership and self-worth. When someone attractive expresses interest on us, we feel sense of worth. So, we automatically start parsing them no matter how much common sense they lack.


Speaks about feminism, but no knowledge about it

sad reality of our world

Women empowerment, equality, and feminism, these words are the most commonly used words these days. Whenever some issues arises regarding a woman, people start talking about feminism and their rights.

The sad reality is that most of the people do not know what feminism exactly is. They try to address this issue just for the sake of being intelligent and famous in front of their colleagues. But when it actually comes to taking action for feminism, people do not confront a word.