Remembering Robin Williams: Improvisations Kept In Movies

Remembering Robin Williams: Improvisations Kept In Movies
Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams leaves us hanging with his talent. Some of the most classic movies in recent decades were made funnier by his off-script antics and sometimes wildly inappropriate commentary. It’s all the more jarring to think that it was that great acting that led him to take his own life, choosing this tragic way to be remembered.

What makes Robin Williams so special is his ability to do something seemingly crazy and then make it seem like the most natural thing in the world. It’s because of this that he transcends acting and becomes beloved for his charm, humor, and great sense of humor. And Williams was also known for his ability to improvise on set.

And we are here with a list of improvisations done by Robin Williams to honor him on his 70th birthday. These scenes were left in the movie and still remind us of his sheer brilliance and comedic timing.

Good Morning, Vietnam

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Good Morning, Vietnam

In the war comedy Good Morning Vietnam, all the DJ scenes were reportedly improvised by Williams. The director gave him full liberty to talk about anything he liked in those scenes. And yet he managed to bring something different up every single time. You can also see the genuine reactions of the other actors who cannot hold their laughter in the background.


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Genie in Aladdin

Even though Aladdin is an animated movie, Robin Williams still managed to sneak his personality in with genie. It is reported that Williams was given ample liberty over the character. It must be why the character has stuck with us so much.

Reportedly, Williams insisted on improvising the scene where Genie and Aladdin are talking about the three wishes. If you watch the scene genie’s head is replaced with Pinocchio’s to call out Aladdin for lying. It was actually Williams who insisted on adding that little detail.

Good Will Hunting

In the movie Good Will Hunting, we see Robin Williams plays a more serious role than his comedic self. This movie rolled earned him an Academy Award. There are several instances of improvisations made by the late legendary actor.

In the scene where Sean and Will are having a heart-to-heart conversation, Williams tells Matt Damon that he needs to love a woman’s imperfections. While that was scripted, the conversation that followed was not. He then goes on to tell instances where his wife used to fart when she was nervous. And he improvises the scene by saying “one time she farted so loud in her sleep that the dog woke up…I didn’t have the heart to tell her.” The scene was so hilarious that you can see Matt Damon break his character.


Another dialogue that was improvised was the scene where Williams is reading the letter left by Matt Damon. He added a line saying ” Son of a Bitch…Stole my line. ” The director thought that the scene had a touch of sheer brilliance.


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Robin Williams and Billy Crystal on Friends

Remember Williams’s cameo in Friends? What if we told you the whole scene was improvised? The cameo of the actors in the scene was not actually planned. Billy Crystal and Robin Williams were nearby the set and were invited by the director. Then the sudden idea of a cameo popped and they went along with it. The whole scene was improvised by Crystal and Williams along with the Friends cast.

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