Reasons Job Postings do not include Salary

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Online job search sites have become the preferred advertising method for open positions. Many job seekers have noticed an increasing trend in job postings without details of salaries and benefits. This can be frustrating for job seekers, especially since the application process has been so busy and time-consuming in recent years.

While pursuing a job that satisfies you emotionally is a good thing, many job seekers have specific qualifications, years of experience, or a personal line that requires serious consideration of the salary offered at the opening. Therefore, a position that sets the corresponding salary range can save a job seeker time and effort. 

Reasons why job postings do not register salary:

Employers today don’t think it is necessary to include payroll.

In recent years, there has been a trend of not including details of salaries and benefits in the job list. During the Great Depression from 2007 to 2009, HR departments were flooded with job applications from job seekers. At this point, employers found that they no longer need to enter wage details to attract high-profile applicants.

Although our economy has reached a high level after the Great Recession, many companies have continued with this practice. They still opt to write that wage is based on information (DOE) or is based on experience. This means that the employer will sort out their salary accordingly. And the size of the benefits package is based on the level of knowledge and experience the candidate brings to the table.

To avoid competition between new and current employees.

Each employee brings individual skills and experience to the workplace. This makes them more or less unique in terms of salary. The salary and benefits an employer is willing to pay and their location are factors that contribute to compensation.

If companies submit salary details to job descriptions, current employees can easily view salary details about new appointments, which can encourage competition in the company.

Not revealing the salary gives employers more negotiation power.

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Employers want to know the candidate in detail before disclosing salary information. For example, companies with remote employees do not have to pay a lot of money to workers living in rural areas. Generally, candidates from small towns are satisfied with a lower income than someone living in an expensive big city, even if they have the same skills.

All this information can play a role in the employer’s salary offer. However, regarding remote jobs, the location often determines how the employer sets the salary. 

Employers want to avoid competition from other companies in the industry.

Companies also do not want to advertise their compensation packages in today’s market as it puts them at risk of competition. Instead, competing organizations can use salary information to win candidates by giving them more money. Or by appointing top employees who work at the top of that organization.

What to do if the job post doesn’t include the salary? 

Negotiate your salary

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Many job seekers find it difficult to negotiate a salary. They worry about how their application will be treated and whether they will be considered needy, greedy, or unworthy. But don’t worry because the employer expects you to negotiate the salary based on the experience and skills you can bring to the company.

Know before you interview with the company

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Knowing all the things you can do about the company and the average salary for the job is essential. Start with a simple Google search for a company name and search for a company website. 

Seal it in writing


Once you have negotiated a fair salary with your new employer, be sure to get the agreed remuneration in writing. Doing so will remove any possible translations and provide you with a paperback for final discussions.

While it is not common to see salary details within a job posting, there are ways to understand what a particular position can pay. Being educated about the companies you are applying for, and the job market is the best way to do an excellent job with a salary that works well for you and the company. So even if there are reasons why the pay is not specified in the employment post, the candidates are still ready to get what they want.

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