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Quitting Jobs Might not Make You Happy, Here’s Why

Quitting Jobs Might not Make You Happy
Female worker wearing a facemask at the office while holding a box with her belongings after being fired from her job during the COVID-19 pandemic

According to the Labor Department, on April 4 million Americans quit their jobs. There were various reasons for quitting the jobs. Some people were looking for a better job for better pay, some wanted to work remotely in covid-19 and some were dissatisfied with their jobs. 

Do you think quitting your job will make you happy? Maybe for a certain time. 

However, not as much as you think, especially in the long run if you don’t plan well. 

Tend to Adapt Back After Quitting Job:

You might feel happy at the beginning. However, it isn’t sure that feeling will last long. Whenever we think of making changes we focus on immediate change. We think of present happiness but do not focus on the future consequences. 

You might think it’s going to be amazing if you quit your job one day. After quitting your job you don’t have to work anymore and deal with that boss. But it might be just for a day, a week, or a month before you bundle up with new problems and adapt back.

According to the psychological phenomenon known as hedonic adaptation. Despite ups and downs in life, humans have general tendencies to return to a set of happiness. It can contribute to your overall happiness when you quit a job that you hate. As your goal itself is associated with your happiness. However, you shouldn’t keep all your hopes in one basket. 

Hedonic Adaptation:

Hedonic adaptation is the notation after positive and negative events. It is a subsequent increase of bad and good feelings. Furthermore, it leads people to get used to positive change. Also, helps to build the expectation of people. 

It is a mechanism that reduces the effective impact of emotional events. Hedonic adaptation involves happiness by which humans maintain a constant level of happiness. Humans tend to return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite different events that occur in the environment.  

People Can’t Run Away From Themself:

Quitting a job might or not add to your happiness. It is you, you are likely to bring the same problem to your next job. Because it’s something about you and your job. You should think long and hard about your current job, is it really making you unhappy and get clear about it. 

The few things that make people hate their job are the office culture, the boss, and work where they don’t have an interest. If you don’t wanna make the same mistake in the coming future, get clear about your issues. 

In this new chapter of life, you need to know about your likes and dislikes. 

Things You Need To Think Before Quitting Job:

Find Your Way:

First of all, you need to figure out the thing that fulfills you and gives you purpose in your work. 

And then, look for companies or businesses that actually fit you. Do something of your interest that feels like your work and life are worthwhile. 

Think Long-Term:

When you look for a job you need to think more long-term and visualize the kind of life you want. Plan for the job you want and also the trajectory. A career trajectory will allow you to feel hopeful about your future. 

Think About Future Co-Workers:

Before you work anywhere, you need to think about the kind of people you want to work with. And then, search for the companies where you can find such people. 

Furthermore, ask yourself if they are creative and share their values and interests with you. Your colleagues matter a lot more when you work somewhere. 


Quitting jobs and following your dreams might sound good when a movie character is doing it. But in reality, that is not how life works. There are a lot of factors that one needs to consider before quitting their job. And if you don’t have a foolproof plan, might as well make it and then take the drastic step.

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