Purpose of Living Life

purpose of living

In the world full of competition, it is normal to get frustrated of life. It is also normal to keep questioning yourselves “why do I live?”

Similar question that generally comes into your mind is, “If life is all about failures, loss, fear, and pain, then why should I live?” “What is the purpose of living?” This is what your mind thinks when you get hurt.

Yet, have you ever wondered why you are here on the Earth? Have you ever realized the same question you ask yourself when you are sad “What is the purpose of living?” can be a motive for you to live your life to the fullest?

Knowing the purpose of life is the most important thing to live to take life to right direction and enjoy it to the fullest.

It is important to have a purpose in life. Without purpose, what’s the point of getting up every day? Life isn’t only about growing up, getting a job, taking a vacation, retiring and dying?

God has made human beings with a specific purpose. This purpose in life is an intended result of your focus, determination, and intention. It is the entire point of your existence.

However, if you dig deeper to finding the answer to what’s the point of life, it does not significantly dwell on the idea of just being able to live.

The purpose of living is not all about breathing in and breathing out. Instead it is about your individual purpose of living.

Either you choose to live your life because you have very important and particular reasons to continue your life and fulfill your purpose of living.

Or you choose to be a living dead because you have no purpose of live and you are just afraid to kill yourself. It is just the matter of what you have and what you choose to have in your life.

The most important reason for you to live and have a purpose in your life is Yourself. You must be your own hero to find a strong point to live your life. It is a choice you make every day.

You cannot be of someone else’s hero if you cannot be your own hero. Let’s admit that leading a happy life is not as easy as people think. Often you find yourself in the midst of trouble and frustrations and you eventually ignore the idea of compromising.

It is much easier to follow the assumptions of others. But, never let anyone call the shots or dictates you on how to live your life. At the end of the day, it is your own choice how to live your life.

Just because it is difficult to achieve your purpose of living your life doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

Don’t let any of the moment weakened you. To learn the value of life, you need to take your stand and do what you think have to choose and it is clearly your choice. Have something worth living for.

Another good reason to have a purpose to live or have a point of life is your Family and Friends. Your family and friends are the only ones you are worth living for because at the end of the day, when everyone shuts their doors, your family and friends will only be the one to support you in your life.

Despite of that, sometimes you might get frustrated because of too much responsibilities and might forget about our family and friends. You might become self-centered and try to slip away from them.

You need to learn how to seek happiness in other things and other people. Also, you need to realize the sacrifice that your family and friends have done for you to make your life better. If you do so, then you can definitely find the purpose of your living.

Yet, purpose of living might not be same for everyone. Your purpose of living life might not match to others. For instance, for those who do live in the streets, their purpose of living might be survival, whereas, for others it might be being a successful person in life or a better human being.

Lastly, to understand the purpose of your life, you need to value it. The life that god has specifically given you, there might be certain reasons. The same life you hate and think useless, might be something other dream of day and night.

Look at the people sleeping outside the streets, fighting for survival and look at the life you are getting. So, thank god for giving you your particular life and use it to the fullest, not only for yourself but for others too. For your family, friends and for those who are in need. If you do so, you will finally get a better purpose of living.