Problems Faced by New Freelancers and Solutions To It

Freelancers in all industries deal with the same kind of problems due to the nature of their work.

Let’s say you are not alone dealing with freelancing problems here.

Most people might say freelancing job as the easiest way to earn money.

You don’t have to deal with the 9 to 5 job. You can work whenever you want to work.

Freelancing gives you freedom and being self-employed is an amazing experience on its own.

It is true at some point. But like always, nothing comes for free. You need to sacrifice some things.

Unlike other 9 to 5 jobs, as a freelancer you will face a lot more challenges which you didn’t face as an employee.

From being frustrated by clients telling you how to do your job to not being paid on time, you have to deal with everything.

So, let’s go through some one the most common problems faced especially by new freelancers in the business world.

Finding Enough Work

It takes time for a new freelancer to gain certain loyal customers for the freelancing business.

Hence, one of the biggest freelancer concerns is maintaining a continuous flow of work.

When you go freelance, it’s completely up to you to find as much projects you can and work with clients.

Sometimes, you might get tons of work while other times your clients might disappear without an email or phone call.

Then you have to put yourself out there yet again to find new leads. And the same story goes on.

Therefore, it’s all up to you how strong you create your base and how effort you put on your clients so that you do not lose them.

All you need to do is nourish your relationships with clients and build a sense of trust among them.

Identifying the Prospective Client

If you are a new freelancer, believe it or not, finding a right client can get hectic as hell for the first time.

First it’s difficult to find clients but after you do that. However, t’s even more difficult to analyze whether they are appropriate for you or not.

In freelancing business, you will find lots of clients who demand too much work and pay little.

Also, clients who do not pay on time and clients who keeping bossing around until you complete their job.

Often, new freelancers do not know how to tell the difference between a good client and a bad client.

However, the worse thing is that sometimes they even don’t sign a contract. Hence, you will end up working for free.

So, in order to avoid such kinds of problems, as a freelance you need to be very aware of what you are doing.

You can also take help from your seniors who have experience in this field. They might help you to determine your good and bad clients.

Bad Pricing

Pricing that is too low attracts bad clients like flies to a dead body.

The outrageously low price signals that the freelancer has no experience or has no idea what he/she is doing.

Hence, bad clients will be ready to take advantage of you in this scenario.

It happens when you are a new freelancer. You will not have much idea about what to charge on how much of work.

Therefore, before entering into freelancing business, do a lot of research work regarding how it works.

After that if you price your work reasonably, you are much more likely to attract reasonable clients.

An Unprofessional Website

For small and unprofessional clients, it doesn’t matter whether you have a website or not. The only thing matters is to get their job done.

Too many freelancers have websites that look like they were built in the late 90s.

New freelancers just get into this idea of earning money easily without being fully prepared.

They are just filled with the enthusiasm of doing something without choosing a specific path.

So, as a freelancer, it’s important to create a user-friendly website that clients will find pleasing, whether you made it or hired a web designer.

A professional website signals that you take your work seriously and demand to be treated with respect.

Lack of Experience

There are many new freelancers just having enthusiasm to do something but no idea where they are heading.

Because you have just started in the world of freelancing, you might not have much freelancing experience.

That’s where you will have difficulties to deal with clients, gain their trust and retain them.

You will face lots of difficulties to stay committed to your clients and make a better deal.

So, as a new budding freelancer, don’t target for bigger clients. You can do it later when you gain enough experience.

You can always apply for smaller, less-paying freelancing job and work your way up to well-paying gigs.

So, the ultimate solution is to have patience in yourself. Gain some experience first then try something bigger.


The most important attribute of doing successful freelancing job is communicating with clients.

However, the biggest problem of not only new but even experienced freelancers face is communication.

Because they lack the skill of communicating with their clients, they lose both work and money.

If you can’t understand a requirement or explain your strength, your competitors will.

Therefore, if you do not take freelancing job as a joke and want to do something serious in your life, learn it.

Being shy is not going to work, at least in this century. For best results, set expectations upfront for the amount and type of feedback you requite and stick to them.

Jack Of All Trades

Besides performing job assigned for freelancing, you have to solely look after other works.

For instance, finance, marketing, client interaction, keeping records of job executed, timely submission for jobs executed. In short, everything.

Hence, attending to these jobs may consume a better portion of your productive work.

It may even cause failure to adhere to deadlines if you are working with too many clients.

Therefore, as a solution to this problem, you may take help of someone who can afford some time for you.

Or someone whom you trust to hand over certain portion of your job.

Pseudo name of “Own Boss”

In contrast to the general notion of ‘Own Boss’, in freelancing business you will have to deal with many bosses.

You have to yield to their needs and demand, otherwise there is risk of not getting paid or getting fired.

In freelancing business, you will find lots of clients bossing around you making you feel embarrassed.

If you are working for your others, you can never be your own boss because they pay you.

Not only in freelancing business, this happens in every business in the world.

So, what’s the ultimate solution, run away? That’s not going to work in the business world.

Remember, what matter for you, is the money you are going to make by freelancing.

So, sometimes, you have to admit that you are wrong, even if you know, you are correct.

Lonely Working Environment

If you are not a retired person, or a housewife, you will feel sort of lonely when doing freelancing job.

There will be none to socialize with, as you usually find in fulltime job environment.

It may also have an adverse psychological effect on you someday.

However, if you have the will power and determination to earn money by doing freelancing job, may be you will survive.

If you don’t, the ultimate solution to this problem is pursuing your hobby, or taking an off from your work. 

Lack of Trust From Clients

If you are a new freelancer, most of the time you will meet with clients that don’t trust your ability to do work.

It takes lots of time to build up your clients trust even if you perform extremely well.

So, for this problem, you can challenge your clients to try your service and see your work for themselves.

In this way, there will be no more doubt in the mind of your client before they decide to use your service.

Financial Troubles


















New freelancers usually have financial troubles because they don’t have a steady income.

The only problem here is that their cash flow is a bit unpredictable, which often causes financial troubles.

After all the hustle and bustle from finding good clients to getting paid on time, financial troubles acts like cherry on cake.

This problem not only arises for new freelancer but even the experienced once. In fact, it happens in every business.

Therefore, the ultimate solution to this problem is to start budgeting your income from month to month.

To be honest, if you are doing freelancing job just to waste it on your extravagant life, it won’t end well.

Be realistic and farsighted about your freelancing business and save some cash for your future.