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If technology were a person, it would have the longest legs, only because it has reached everywhere. Technology, thus, has seen itself through to every field in our day-to-day life. In other words, technology has only strengthened the bond with a human.

Especially smartphones, out of many fields of technology, are in deep love with a human. Their cute figures and humble features have taken themselves into this state.

Travelers consider cell phones to be one of their best friends. Why wouldn’t they when a palm-fitting device tells them everything? Travelers must know how these friends should be treated for their service. Installation of proper apps and knowledge about them will ensure your journey is perfect.

Here are some of the best travel apps for Android users. Come, get benefited!


Travel app

Traveling plans often determine how well your travel life will be.

For a perfect journey, proper planning with proper timing is necessary. This tends to be a topic of head-ache to most of the travelers –especially to those in tight schedules.

TripIt does bring ease in this matter if you aren’t a big fan of going with the flow. TripIt organizes your plans for a trip and keeps reminding you of them.

TripIt supervises you throughout your travel – providing you information about a place and an event before anyone else does.

If you haven’t installed TripIt yet, now is the appropriate time.



For budget travelers, Couchsurfing is a delightful platform. Couchsurfing is, moreover, a locus where travelers can share their stories with locals.

Couchsurfing hands over a traveler an opportunity to earn a new family. You can opt to be available for just a coffee or a couple of nights, and the choice is yours.

The app lets you decide who you are going to stay with before you head out. You don’t have to pay for the bed you will be offered, but if you choose to help, you may.

Locals relish this app substantially as much as a traveler does.

Google Maps

travel app

Your android phone already has Google Maps installed in it.

Google Maps will be at your service on many occasions. It will guide you to your destination using the best shortcuts route.

Google Maps has ideas about your travel destinations.


Airbnb is already a renowned travel app which has a specific excuse a traveler should install it.

On Airbnb, a traveler can book accommodation at a local house instead of a hotel. The stay is economical, but the care – immense.

Discover local cultures while the hosts will leave no stone unturned in transposing your stay into a deluxe gathering.


Ideas about this app will aid your travel. Still, Duolingo is not just a travel app. Duolingo is a teacher that teaches you numerous languages for free.

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, etc. are among the languages Duolingo knows.

Hiring a translator or installing Duolingo from Play Store for free, it’s your pick.


It would be fair to call this newly launched app the ‘Travel Wikipedia.’

Evaneous is occupied by information about different destinations from around the globe.

Evaneous also serves as a joint that introduces you to a local agent, your possible guide. Its features will let you stay connected with him/her.

XE Currency Converter & Money Transfers

Wanting to know how much the taxi fare cost you in your currency while you are in a different country is obvious.

XE Currency Converter & Money Transfers will answer questions as such. But only if you have installed it on your device.

The every minute updates on the conversion rates are not the only reason of its excellence. Also, you can understand the local market condition via the currency’s behavior over time.

 Uber and other cars/bike riding apps

Uber and other similar apps don’t only promise to make your ride cheaper but also guarantee about it.

Uber is now offering its service in 60 countries so far and plans to expand the territory further.

Riders, not in the mood to bargain the ride fare with a taxi driver, turn to Uber.

If the country you took your feet to doesn’t have Uber, there must be some other similar apps. Google is always there to answer which they are.

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