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“Play Something,” A New Netflix Shuffle Button

Play Something

Have you ever logged into Netflix and have no idea what to watch? Of course, there are hundreds of choices which sounds like an easy thing. But as a picky watcher, I can tell you how difficult it is to know what you want to watch. 

We already have shuffle buttons on our music apps to skip through songs. Now, Netflix has come up with its own shuffle button, “Play Something.”

What is “Play Something,” Netflix’s Shuffle Function.


Netflix, one of the biggest TV streaming platforms has officially launched a brand new function, “play something”. You can call this feature Netflix’s very own shuffle button, something they’ve been working on since last year.

The Play Something function lets you shuffle through Netflix’s vast category of TV shows, films, documentaries, etc. It’s no surprise that one can easily get carried away by the options Netflix provides. And while trying to figure out what you want, there are more chances of running out of options than finding the perfect show. 

However, with “Play Something,” Netflix hopes to put its users out of their misery. It already has an algorithm that tracks your viewing habits and determines your taste. It has tons of data to recommend to you what you’d like. So, giving you a shuffle feature is probably a genius idea. However, to what extent would play something work, only time can tell.

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