Pinoy Myths Stories In Filipino Culture You Must Have Heard

Pinoy Myths Stories You Must Have Heard if You Are a Filipino

Like any other Asian countries, Philippines is also a country rich of culture, religions and diversity.

No doubt, Philippines is one of the most rapidly growing countries among all other Asian countries.

Though, there still exists some superstitions and pinoy myths in Filipino culture that are rarely based on any scientific facts.

These pinoy myths are meant to explain miracles or warn people against any bad beliefs.

Many of these myths are regarded as conservative wisdom, hence, passed on from one generation to other regardless of truth.

Nevertheless, these superstitious does no harm to the Filipino culture or the country as a whole until and unless people don’t take it to the extreme level.

So, in this article let’s look at some of the pinoy myths that has remained in Filipino culture forever.


“Get Pregnant!”

This is one of the pinyo health myth stories which women having trouble conceiving believe in.

They are told to go to a manghihilot who can apparently help position the lowered uterus bheay raising it, in turn preparing it for conception.

While some Filipinos thank the old woman for helping them give birth to child, others are still unable to conceive a child.

Nevertheless, there are no scientific evidence regarding this practice done by the old lady.


“Increase Your Height!”

Height totally depends on two things, either genetics or nutrition as per scientific facts.

However, there is a pino myth called “Tumalon ka sa New Year para tumangkad ka!” related to height of Filipino people.

On January 1, as soon as the clock striker 12, the vertically challenged people should jump up and down to get taller next year.

It’s a very famous New Year’s Day tradition or superstition that probably every Filipino believes in.

Unfortunately, there exist no scientific prove to claim this pino myth.


“Five Seconds Haven’t Passed Yet!”

One of the most common myth in Filipino culture that you must have heard is “Wala pan 5 seconds!”

If they ever drop a piece of food on their table or floor, they pick it up and pretend like nothing happened, saying something along the lines of “Wala pan 5 seconds!”

This means they can consume the piece of food quickly until 5 seconds have passed.

Filipinos believe that until 5 seconds the food remains germs free so, they can easily consume it.

Actually it’s Philippines way of showing respect to the food.

However, there are conflict going on among researchers regarding how practical this pinyo myths is.

Some researchers say that it is totally safe and does no harm on health until and unless the food is contaminated.

While others say that this 5 second rule may actually put health on risk.

So, there are two ways to be on the safe side, either be careful while having meal or forget the piece of food and get a new one.


“Stranger with Evil Eye!”

Pinoy Myths Stories You Must Have Heard if You Are a Filipino

The concept of “usog” is one of the oldest myths in Filipino culture that probably every Filipino believes in.

Filipinos believe that a visitor or stranger with an “evil eye” may bring pain or uneasiness to a baby.

They believe that even a verbal greeting of the stranger with an evil eye can make their baby’s life worst.

So, the only way to protect their baby is by breaking the curse.

They do so by telling the stranger with evil eye “Pwera usog” and making them lick their thumb.

Additionally, they make the stranger trace a cross on the baby’s forehead with saliva.


“7 years of Bad Luck!”

This myth in Filipino Culture said to be originated from one of two counties, either ancient Rome or Greek.

Popularly known as “Kapag nabasag mo ‘yang salamin, pitong taon kang mamalasin!”, it is a myth related to life cycle.

Filipinos believe that a sick person looking into a mirror will probably break it.

Once that happens, the person needs to wait for next seven years for the “bad luck” to wear off from his life.

Like I said earlier, there are no scientific evidence of these myths which is why they are called myths at the first place.


“Greeting a Child!”

When you go to some strangers house and accidently greet a child, you’ll probably say sorry or forget about it right?

But, there is a pinyo myth called “Usog”, where people unknowingly greet the child.

Filipinos believe that usog will led the child to suffer from gas pain, fever, convulsion, and headaches.

Apparently, the only cure to usog is by wetting the fingertips with saliva and rubbing on the child’s forehead or tummy same as with the stranger with evil eye myth.