Obsolete Thinking: 5 Reasons how it can harm you in future

Obsolete Thinking

The word obsolete is derived from the Latin word ‘obsolescence’ which means to fall into disuse. In other terms, obsolete means something that’s not up to date or something that we no longer use. Obsolete things always get replaced by something new that’s recent and up to date.

One thing we should keep in mind, obsolete doesn’t simply mean old. It means something old that is no longer in a situation to be used. So that makes obsolete thinking our old beliefs that might have been relevant in the past, but in the present, it’s nothing but a setback.

The word itself means outdated. Like many old things, obsolete thinking may not be doing us much harm, but it stops us from moving into better things. Here in this article, we give you five reasons about how obsolete thinking can harm you in the future:

1.Creates a generation gap within your generation

We all know how much of a problem generation gap can create. It makes people of one generation unable to relate to another generation. This eventually ends up creating a bunch of unwanted problems. Now imagine having a generation gap within your generation.

Absolute thinking creates a generation gap
Absolute thinking creates a generation gap
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Doesn’t sound that nice, does it? When you refuse to let go of your obsolete thinking, you refuse to embrace something new. Something better. While all the people around you move a step forward, you stay rooted in the same place. You get left behind, and that in no way is good for your future.

2. You can end up isolated

Isolation is never a good thing. As human beings, we need the support of other human beings to survive. After all, we are social animals in the end. It’s human nature that we bond more with people who have similar thinking as us. Sharing the same beliefs and values is what makes us compatible with each other.

obsolescence may led you to be Isolated
obsolescence may lead you to be Isolated
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Now, beliefs and thinking are dynamic. It doesn’t remain the same and keeps on changing. When we keep our thinking obsolete, it stops us from creating a better bonding with people. It prevents us from thinking critically. It hinders our ability to understand the other person’s point of view. This can create misunderstandings, and if we are not able to grow out of it, we get isolated.

3. Restricts yourself from exploring

A lot of time, we don’t even realize what we are thinking is obsolete. That is because such thinking is instilled in us since school, since childhood and all our life. Our parents taught us the same thing, so did our teachers. But we need to understand that what they taught us might no longer be relevant in today’s time. Time is a weird thing. It keeps on moving and changing.

If we don’t learn to move with time, we will be left behind. For example, Our parents and our teachers would all suggest we to choose a stable career that can guarantee a lot of income. Never in a million years will they tell you to choose a profession that you like but is risky and has no guarantee of the future.

But if you keep the same thinking and move forward, you will never get to explore yourself. You will probably end up getting a desk job in which you have no interest, and the artist inside you might never come out.

4. Creates a blindfold of belief

Believe it or not, there are still people who believe the earth is flat and not round. This is one of the examples of how obsolete thinking creates a blindfold of belief. While not all obsolete thinking has a negative impact on your future, some become a setback that stops you from advancing to better things in life.

Absolute Thinking Creates a Blindfold Of Belief
Absolute Thinking Creates a Blindfold Of Belief
Source: leadlikejesus

These patterns of thought do not help you grow as a person but rather shrinks you. The future is full of uncertain possibilities that if we do not grab on time, it becomes a lost opportunity. So do not let your obsolete thinking keep you away from grabbing better things that life offers you.

5. Young person, Old mind

We have all met a person who looks young, but with all the things that they believe in, they seem to have time-traveled from a past generation. Often more than not, we dislike that kind of person, for all that they believe in no longer serves the needs and emotions of the present context.

Our thinking doesn’t only affect us; it affects others too. We should always keep that in mind. We share our future with several other people. May our obsolete thinking do not become a setback for others too.

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