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New Year Resolution Ideas For 2020 To Make It The Best Year

New years resolution ideas

Have you made resolution in the beginning of every year but never did it? I am pretty sure there are tons of people who can relate to this.

But with the start of this new decade it’s time we bring ourselves back on track.

It can be difficult sticking on to a promise but if you want to see yourself grow its time.

So, I have listed out the best resolutions for a new start on the year 2020:


1. Start Writing/ Keep a journal:

New years resolution ideas

I know you probably seen or at least heard that this is a good habit.

Keeping a diary or a journal where you can write down what you feel helps you know yourself better.

This diary will be all yours and you can write down things that you could never tell anyone else.

If your goal for the new year is to finally grow yourself, this new years resolution idea can help you achieve that.

Journaling everyday can make you understand your own self. If there is any pattern in your behaviour that you don’t like you can change it.


2. Use a to do list and actually use it:

I’m pretty sure we all have tried to keep this list to make our lives easier.

But most of the times we forget and slowly we don’t remember where we kept the list.

Nonetheless, when used properly these lists will make your life way easier.

At the same time, you are more likely to do things and not forget them when you have written it.

Making a to do list motivates you. When you look at the list that you have crossed off with the things that you have done, it makes you feel good about yourself.

Best to do list apps.


3. Spend more time with your friends and family:

New years resolution ideas

The world is getting busier every year. With 202o on the line, its bound to get even busier.

So, follow this new years resolution idea if you wanna break the pattern of spending all your time working and earning money.

Plan something abroad or just invite them over to your place. Having people around you that actually care about you will boost your energy.


4. Forgive yourself and others:

All the past anger that you might have accumulated, it’s time that you let them go in order for you to enjoy your life.

If you want your future to be better than the past you need to learn to let go of the grudges and the bad memories.

So, this new year’s take the resolution of forgiving and moving on.


5. Learn a new skill for your professional life:

The more advancement the technological world makes, the requirement of the employees are also changing.

If you want to keep earning you need to make sure that your skills are honed.

You need to grow and make yourself better than the others to compete in the world.

That’s why try to acquire new skills such as learning a new language or learn how to code, how to cook or maybe even how to do graphic designing.


6. Maintain a healthier lifestyle:

This might seem like a bit too streched out but if you want 2020 to be your best year, you need to start eating and feeling healthy.

It doesn’t mean that you have to lose weight, you can decide to if you want.

But what I really mean by this is that it’s time that you start giving yourself more time.

Try to keep a clean room, kitchen and improve your eating habits.

Try implementing a simple lifestyle which makes your life easier. You can introduce veganism or try living plastic free.

All these improvements will make you feel lighter and give your a sense of satisfaction.


7. Quit Smoking and or drinking:

New years resolution ideas

It’s important you understand how much damage these things can do to your health and wealth.

If you don’t consider about your money or health at least think of the one’s around you.

They won’t be happy when you have to spend your old age in a hospital bed.

If you like smoking or drinking try keeping it at the very minimum level you can.

I understand that it can be very difficult to quit a bad habit at 0nce. But with consistent efforts and small steps your movements can be significant.


8. Start Meditation:

It’s time we bring peace into our busy schedules and hectic lives. Try finding a few minutes out for yourself.

This new year’s resolution idea will help you improve your concentration skills and make you a bit more attentive.

This can help you control your emotions and not get so angry every time someone pisses you off.

Having control over your life is important if you want to grow yourself in any dimension of life.


9. Start Reading:

New years resolution ideas

If you already love reading try to give continuation to your good habit.

But if you are new to this area, try finding the genres that suit you.

Learning something is better than doing nothing and scrolling through your Instagram explore page.

Reading sends you in a completely different dimension while helping you learn new things in life.

You can decide to check out these list of books : Good Books to Read to Broaden Your Perspective or 7 Easy To Read English Books For Beginners.


10. Throw social media out:

New years resolution ideas

Maybe you won’t be able to completely stay out from the world of social media but try to limit the usage.

It is one of the most time wasting thing on the internet. If you really want to use your time on the internet try spending it on something productive.

Try to watch a ted video or learn about something new from the YouTube.

If you find yourself in the social media rut try to do something else.

I know it can be difficult to rule it out because most of our friends and family are there and maybe some of us work at the very platform.

But we know that it’s not healthy to get ourselves lost in the zone for hours. So, for the new year 2020 decide to adopt this resolution idea.


11. Increase your circle with nice people (Push away the negatives):

We all know the people that bring negativity into our lives.

We might not be able to change the way that they think or act but you can change if you let them in your lives.

Try surrounding yourself with smart people who don’t spend their day gossiping or talking shit about someone else.


12. Take initiatives to give back to the society:

New years resolution ideas

It’s almost 2020 and the world is in the worst environmental conditions.

Social issues like global warming, climate change, poverty, plastic wastes just to name a few have plagued the world.

So, if you are in a place in your life where you can happily give away some of your resources to the ones in need, 2020 is the year to start doing it.

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