Myths about Countries Locals Are Fed Up of Listening

Myths about Countries Locals Are Fed Up of Listening

Myth is a false conception. Myth may lead to a rejection to one who knows the truth.

But to those who aren’t involved in the topic of the myth, it may be an acceptance.

World is full of false stories and ideas, not sure whether they were set willingly or unwillingly.

You wouldn’t like it when someone is speaking false sentences, when you know the truth.

There are countries, and people there are fed up of the myths about them.

Here are some popular myths about countries that people there don’t like to listen to.



India is the 7th largest country by area. This is not a myth, it’s a fact, indeed.

There are people in the world who happen to have some false knowledges about India.

The number of people who have these false conceptions about India is in millions. These are the famous myths.

• India is not safe to travel

Indian people are tired of listening to this myth. Of course, India is a safe country.

Some rare incidents are bound to happen anywhere in the world. India welcomes more than 10 million travelers every year.

India is a Hindu country

Though the number of Hindu people residing in India is very high, India isn’t a Hindu country.

The Constitution of India has been practicing secularism.

India’s national game is cricket

Though India’s population is in love with cricket, it is not the national game of the country.

To your surprise, hockey is the national game of India.



Myths  about Countries Locals Are Fed Up of Listening

Some myths about Germany are a laughter for Germans, while some would annoy them.

German roads don’t have speed limits

This myth is a blend of laughter and annoyance to Germans.

They may love fast cars but there is no excuse they disobey speed rules.

The roads keep the car owners aware of the speed limits except in many rural sections.

German chocolate cake myth

People believe that German chocolate cake originated in Germany. This is not true whatsoever.

An American man named Sam German invented German chocolate cake.

People may have been puzzled because of the name here.



Myths  about Countries Locals Are Fed Up of Listening

People have false conceptions about Canada as well.

Canada’s Capital

Most of the people believe that Toronto is the capital city of Canada

. Despite Toronto being the most populous and largest city, Ottawa is the capital city Canada.

Canada’s Climate

Canada is always cold in the mind of people who have only heard about Canada.

That is not the case. Of course most parts of Canada experience cold but not all.

Canada’s Identity

Some people, still, hold the myth that Canada is a state of US.

This is annoying to Canadians who have their own flag, different currency, and different political systems.

The influence of US in Canada is limited to TV shows, fashion trends, and movies.



Japan is a different world. It is a preferred destination for excursion as well as study.

Travelers have myths about this land of polite people, however.

Japan is very expensive

Japan may not be cheap but it isn’t expensive either. It is expensive if compared to countries like Thailand, Philippines.

Travelers have spent less than what they had allocated for.

Japanese people mind the etiquette rules’ mistakes

Japan is devoted to the etiquette rules and regulations.

Travelers have a misconception that if you don’t follow them as they should be done, Japanese won’t like it. That’s not true.

You may apologize and you will be fine. You can also see Japanese people making mistakes because of the complexity of the rules.



Myths  about Countries Locals Are Fed Up of Listening

Some myths about France are too much to tolerate for French people. Some of the popular myths are:

French people are rude

This is not true at all, and no one knows who said that at first.

French people are among the friendliest you will ever come across. Don’t forget they are kind and helpful as well.

French people loathe Americans

More than myth, this statement is a lie.

There may be some French people not liking some Americans because of personal issues.

But French people don’t hate an American just because he is an American.

French women refuse to shave

This may have been a story in the past but, it is a different vista today. Today’s French women are so clean and tidy.

France is more for a female traveler

France is often considered to be a place for women rather than for a man.

The fashion styles in practice might be the logic behind this.

Anyway, this myth about countries haven’t stopped the number of men travelers in thousands flying to France.

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