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Mystery Radio Signal In Canada: Is It A Hint To Life Beyond Earth?

Mystery Radio Signal

Remember the times when you heard about the mystery radio signal in the space? A few days back, scientists in Canada have traced the location of one such repeated radio signal. If you’re one of the alien life enthusiasts, this is a major discovery.

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, also known as CHIME, helped the scientist locate the origin of the signal. Scientists have traced back the location of the signal to a galaxy millions of light-years away.

What was the Radio Signal traced by the Telescope?

The telescope recorded a signal which is known as Fast Radio Burst (FRB). These signals are only a fraction of milliseconds long. No one yet knows what exactly forms these signals but it is assumed to be some kind of high energy bursts.

Many even believe this FRB’s as the waves produced by the collision of two stars. And some believe supernova of stars as the source of these high-frequency waves. However, the actual sources of these mystery radio signals still remain hidden to science.

mysterious radio signals traced by chime telescope
Chime Telescope helps trace radio signals

So, no one can yet stop us from predicting it to be from a planet with alien life. Hence, there’s no invalidation to any alien life theory as of now.

What is an FRB?

FRB’s, Fast Radio Burst are the burst of energy in the space, which lasts just a few milliseconds at max. Although there are numerous hypotheses on the sources of these signals, the ones that repeat are very mysterious.

Mystery radio alien signals
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FRB: The Mystery radio signals

The reason that two of these FRBs have been repeated has raised the speculation that they might as well be deliberate. This incident has raised many questions about the already existing explanation for this phenomenon.

Could these be a signal sent by an alien life in a faraway galaxy? No one has ruled the possibility just yet. How long will this radio signal remain a mystery in the field of astronomy is unclear.

How far can we trace the mysterious radio signal?

CHIME has been able to trace the origin of these signals to a galaxy millions of light-years away from us. As per the early report by CHIME, they traced back this signal to a spiral galaxy, 500 million light-years away from us.

Mysterious radio signals, aliens
A supernova that released radio signals

The signal has to be from a potent source since it could travel a distance of millions of light-years, and we could still trace its origin.

What causes these signals?

As mentioned above, no scientist has been able to prove the cause of these waves yet. However, since the first radio signal recorded in 2007, a large amount of researches has been carried out.

Experts have listed down the following options as the possible causes for these signals:

  • The collision of two large and heavy celestial objects.
  • Formation of a black hole or Supernova (explosions created in the process of a star dying).
  • Extraterrestrial intelligence or alien life is another potential cause of such mystery radio signals.
  • Another possible cause could also be the hyperflares from magnetars (huge and powerful neutron stars).

Life beyond earth: Alien Life?

So, as I mentioned above, there is no evidence yet against the possibility of alien life in a galaxy far away from us. It is difficult to find many scientists who believe in the myths of life apart from our planet.

Alien life possibility
Is alien life possible?

The small number of scientists who do come up and acknowledge this possibility might get judged by their own fellow mates. So, the numerous UFO sightings that people claim to have seen remain amidst the possibility of being proven one day.

Nonetheless, scientists are still revolving around the possibility behind these sightings to be a cause that can be explained by the laws of physics.

The new Canadian Radio Telescope that recorded the signal:

The use of the CHIME Telescope started in late September of 2018. Interestingly, the telescope detected the FRB’s within a week of its installation. The major discovery was the repeating waves that the telescope recorded.

One of such repeating mystery radio signals was the one they recently traced back the origin too. The radio telescope installed only a year back has been able to connect us to the endless possibilities in astronomy.

CHIME telescope
Photo Credit:
CHIME Telescope

It is very sensitive to even the smallest of waves that it can detect in the environment. The scientific community believes that the telescope can provide us a new approach to these radio waves.

Finally, the mystery of the universe is large. From the birth of planets to mankind, scientists are still trying to understand the physics behind everything. So, this news might seem small but might prove to be essential to prove the underlying mysteries of life.