Movie Theaters Now Have a New Purpose Thanks to Gamers

Moovie Theater Renting Auditorium to Gamers

Movie theaters are one of the many businesses that were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Almost all theaters around the world are still shut. And the ones that are open, can only operate with half the capacity. On top of that, there are far fewer movies releasing on the big screen, making it harder for movie theater owners to survive.

However, CGV, the largest movie theatre chain in Korea has come up with a way to generate revenue. CVG cinema chains around South Korea is renting out auditoriums to avid gamers.

The movie theaters that seat 200 people will now let up to four people rent the entire place. And for two hours you can play video games as much as you please on the biggest screen possible.

Movie Theaters to Rent Auditoriums to Gamers.

CGV chains around South Korea has been renting auditoriums to gamers since the beginning of 2021. Up to four people can hire the screen for at least two hours. The charge for renting an auditorium for two hours for four people is $90 before 6 pm. However, the rate goes up to $135 after the 6 pm mark.

The gamers can play whatever they want. Be that as it may, they have to bring their own games, controllers, and consoles.

The concept is bringing in additional income, nevertheless, the movie theaters aren’t making any profit off of it.

Seung Woo Han, A CGV employee came up with the idea after realizing that both films and video games have numerous similarities. He thought that “if someone enjoys films in a cinema, they would also enjoy playing computer games in one”.

Ever since CGV launched the new service at the beginning of the year, more than 130 bookings have been made. While men from 30-40 are the majority of customers, couples and families have also been a part of taking advantage of the service.

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