Momo World Record: World’s Biggest Virtual Momo Party

Momo World Record: World’s Biggest Virtual Momo Party

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world far and wide since the past year. While the world was shut physically, most people found solace through virtual mediums. And this included the world’s biggest virtual momo party, the momo world record hosted by Deepesh Shrestha, a Nepali podcaster.

The DeepeshShow and the Virtual Momo Eating World Record Party.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced Nepal to shut down one more time. The country is definitely going through a crisis period due to the lack of proper management, healthcare service, and a lot of other issues. However, people around the country are trying their best to keep their morale high during these trying times. Thus, why not try a virtual momo party? It was probably what Deepesh Shrestha, the creator of The DeepeshShow podcast thought.

So, with about 100 guests from different parts of the world, Shrestha hosted the world’s biggest virtual momo party. Call it a stereotype, but the love Nepali people have for momo is unmatchable. Thus, taking advantage of the fact, the DeepShow podcast was able to unite numerous Nepalis spread out all over the world for a good cause.

Deepesh along with his virtual guests all gathered together and went live on YouTube. They were making an attempt to “set a World Record for the most people eating momo simultaneously, online”. They were doing so helping raise money and awareness for Nyanopan, a charity organization.

Nyanopan and Their Effort to Help Covid-19 Victims in Nepal.

Nyanopan is a non-profit organization in Nepal that helps people in need by providing food, shelter, education, etc. During these trying times, Captain Vijay Lama, the founder of Nyanopan is joining hands with The DeepeshShow and all the guests to raise awareness as well as money to help people in Nepal cope with the damages the coronavirus has created.

The organization is providing all the necessary resources for victims including elderly people, pregnant women, and babies and minors to fight the virus. With the virtual Momo World Record Event, the organization hopes that the world gets familiar with the dire situation the people of Nepal are facing. And step up to help the ones in need.