Modern Day Gods: 10 People Who Changed the World

Modern Day Gods: 10 People Who Changed the World

In the contemporary selfish world where everyone is concerned only about self, some personalities changed the world differently.

While modern day people fight for who is the greatest, they have served equally in their specifications.

So, none of them can be equated or compared to each other.

Some people have changed the world and are regarded as modern day gods.

Talking about the people who changed the world, we have a list of 10 people.


1. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Modern Day Gods: 10 People Who Changed the World

Among the modern-day gods who changed the world, Martin Luther King Jr. is the one.

He took Mahatma Gandhi as his inspiration.

With his view to serve the world and to change the world through peaceful protest, he always worked for peace.

He was a baptist minister of the United States of America.

So, he worked for the black people in the southern states of the United States of America.

He was successful in winning the Nobel peace price in the year 1964.

However, he got assassinated in the year 1968.

Although he is no longer, he will always be remembered as the modern day heroes who tried to change the world.


2. Christopher Columbus

Among all the explores of the world, Christopher Columbus is the most famous.

Because of his discoveries, the settlement of the United States became possible.

He also discovered Europe as he reached Asia by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.


3. Bill Gates

Modern Day Gods: 10 People Who Changed the World

This high school dropout, who is the co-founder of Microsoft, is the man who has changed the world.

He is among the modern day gods who changed the living of mankind.

As he co-founded Microsoft in the year 1977, he was able to come up as the richest man on Earth in the year 1993.

He has the most excellent charity in the world named Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


4. Nelson Mandela

While the South Africans were not allowed to cast a vote, Nelson Mandela worked hard to serve them.

With the constant effort that he made to help his countrymen, he got the opportunity to become the elected president of the African National Congres in the year 1990 after he got released.

He was able to get the Nobel Peace prize in the year 1993.


5. Albert Einstein

Modern Day Gods: 10 People Who Changed the World

The symbol of genius, Albert Einstein is among one of the great physicists of the world.

He worked for the General Theory of Relativity, which got proven in 1919.

Because of his contributions to physics, he got the Nobel Prize for Physics in the year 1921.

His scientific theories have helped the world in enormous ways.

Hence, methods that he has made have helped to make atomic bombs.


6. Karl Marz

The social philosopher, Karl Marz, is the modern day god who changed the world through his sociology and economic history.

He attacked the state and made a future prediction that everyone is equal.

Through his theories on sociology, he has explained different methods. Communist manifesto and Das Kapital well defines his philosophy.

The ideas that he put in his opinions were the leading cause of communism and the Russian Revolution.

After his concept came into existence, people in the world started living under communism.

Hence, he is one of the great modern day gods.


7. William Shakespeare

The most excellent writer in the English language, William Shakespeare, is among the modern-day heroes.

He is the most excellent play writer who has written more than 154 love poems, 37 plays, and many more.

His famous love poems and plays include Macbeth, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet.

He has introduced more than 1700 new words in the English language too.

Therefore, he is the father of English literature.


8. Charles Darwin

Modern Day Gods: 10 People Who Changed the World

The introducer of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin, is among the modern day gods.

He has introduced a famous book named The Origin of Species using Natural Selections. It has helped a lot of biologists to work.


9. Mahatma Gandhi

Modern Day Gods: 10 People Who Changed the World

The great political leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi, is the most exceptional spiritual leader.

He has helped India a lot to fight against the British Government and helped India to gain independence.

The simple lifestyle he has encouraged people a lot.


10. Adolf Hitler

The greatest among the modern day gods and the famous leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler, was the leading cause of the most dangerous war in history.

Hence, these modern-day gods had served the world to a great extent.