Manny Jacinto Bio, Wife, Parents, Net Worth, and Movies

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It’s not easy to shine in the acting industry without any acting background. However,  Manny Jacinto is one of those actors who is performing well in the acting industry with a different educational experience. While he was a civil engineering student, he realized that he had immense love and interest in acting and dancing. So, he began participating in a Hip Hop dance competition. After that, he appeared in the Television industry.

Manny Jacinto
Manny Jacinto- Canadian Actor, Image Source: Instagram

Manny was born on the 19th of August, 1987, in Manila, Philippines. Although he belongs to the Filipino descent, he is a Canadian actor and has the Canadian nationality. His birth sign is Leo. Matter of fact, he came to the limelight after he played the role or Jason Mendoza on  a Television sitcom aired in NBC known as “The Good Place.” Also, his feature movie named “Top Gun: Maverick” brought him fame.

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Early Life and Education History

There is no concrete information about the identity of Manny Jacinto’s family and parents. However, his family emigrated to Canada from the Philippines in the year 1990 when he was just three years old. Furthermore, Jacinto was raised in Richmond, British Columbia.

As a teen, he went to the all-boys Catholic high school. While he was in high school, he was an avid athlete, playing basketball and baseball.

Manny Jacinto’s Parents, Image Source: Instagram

Reportedly, Jacinto attended the University of British Columbia in which he studied Civil engineering and earned a bachelor’s degree in the same subject.

Does Manny Jacinto have a girlfriend?

As Manny is one of the most handsome faces of Hollywood, he certainly has numerous fans. For a long time, he was single. Also, there had been certain rumors that he was gay. However, the rumors went down as the news about him dating the Vikings star, Dainne, came out.

Manny Jancito and Dianne Doan
Manny Jancito’s Fiance, Image Source: Santa Maria Times

For the start of his romance life and a romantic relationship, Manny Jacinto proposed his girlfriend to marry him. She responded with a “Yes.” Hence, Manny started his formal relationship with his fiance. Before making their relationship public, they went on vacations and spent a lot of time in their favorite locations.

Career and Movies of Manny Jacinto

At first, Manny started by taking part in the hip hop dance competitions. Then, he eventually got into an acting career. He started small roles from the series Supernatural, Zombie, and Once upon a time. With time, his reputation increased in the industry, and he got more offers.

Also, he was able to win a Leo Award nomination for the category of Supporting Performance in a Dramatic Series named “The Romeo Section.” In the drama series, he played the role of Wing Lei.

Manny Jacinto during the shoot
Manny Jacinto during the shoot, Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, after some small roles, Manny started to perform on a big screen. He was one of the most trending Asian men in Hollywood. Then, he appeared in particular movies like Paper Angels as Jamie Lang, and as  Kevin in the Only Human. Hence, his career in movies and filmography brought him to the limelight.

Net Worth And Salary

Unlike other actors in the industry, he likes to keep his life private and does not want to show off his wealth. As per the reports, Manny has an estimated net worth of over $500,000.

Talking about Manny Janito’s wealth, he has money and assets, which is worth $2 million. The salary that he gets from his movies and TV series is expected to be around $100 thousand. Also, he has not shown off his life on social media sites. He keeps his life rather simple.

Rumors and Controversies faced by Manny Jacinto

As Manny Jacinto posted a picture of a man and woman on a wedding dress on the 23rd of August, 2015, there had been certain rumors about his wedding. However, looking at the caption, it can be confirmed that it was not his picture.

Here’s the picture that was able to drag him to the scandals.

Manny Janctio's Instagram Picture
Manny Janctio’s Instagram Picture

Interview of Manny

In an interview, Manny Jacinto was asked if he was a football person. He answered that he was not a football person, but he does know how to play the game. Also, he added that he grew up playing hockey and basketball. He said that he has a great appreciation for sports. While the interviewer asked him about the type of dancing, he said that he is a crazy fan of hip-hop.

Moreover, when he was asked if there is a strong community of Asian-American actors in Hollywood, he replied that there is definitely a more prominent acting community in Hollywood. Also, he said that he was grateful for it. He says that in Vancouver he was incredibly frustrated because there were no Asian people.