LuckyCrush – The new flirty video chat site

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There is this new chat site that’s garnering all the attention on the internet amidst the coronavirus pandemic. And it’s called LuckyCrush. Guess who’s getting lucky every day?

LuckyCrush, a video chat site, begs to differ from many online dating sites on the internet-o-sphere. Most online dating sites out there falsely promise you a match or a partner. Even worse, almost all profiles on those dating sites are fake. As per LuckyCrush, it isn’t a dating site at all. That saves you a lot of dishonest bullshit already.

Safe, ephemeral, anonymous

LuckyCrush is a new live random video chat site that is honest from scratch. And it is solely for straight people. You won’t find anyone from the LGBTQI community- at least for now. Moreover, the principles governing the site are much more enjoyable. Safe, ephemeral, and anonymous are the constitutional declarations for the site.

Anyone who joins the site will remain anonymous. Even though it’s a live video chat site, users have the privilege to turn off their camera and chat using text. In any case, other than your username and live stream (if you choose to show yourself), members on the site won’t have anything on you.

For safety reasons and the other two governing principles, sharing personal info on the site is a strict no-no. You should not share personal and contact details. It is also because the experience on the website has to be ephemeral. Anything that starts on the site, stays, and ends on the site. There can be no takeaways. You chat with partners though video or text and carry no baggage from the virtual space to your real life. Sleek, right?

Male to female ratio balancing feature

As we mentioned earlier, the site is forthcoming from its core. The site guarantees chat with the opposite sex and remember there are only two sexes: male and female. In particular, the site musters technologically built to regulate member registrations. At any point in time, the site will have 50% males and 50% females. The goal is to minimize wait-time for men and women before getting paired up with a partner.

Increased relevancy with COVID-19 spread

For millions cooped up in homes and glued to their devices amid lockdowns and travel restrictions, LuckyCrush filled the void. During and after the pandemic began late last year, registrations to the site have shot up by 50%.

Many people registered and use the site to gratify their personal needs. Naughty video chats with strangers have been the norm set by members. And there are more than one million members from 100+ countries.

Easy access from anything, anywhere

The best part of this unique chat site is its accessibility. Moreover, there is no need to download an app or an add-on or anything else. Not requiring any downloads, too, comes as a relief in disguise. The site can be opened from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Enter the URL  Could you go on, give it a try?

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