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Lorde Back With New Energy “Solar Power”

Lorde Back With New Energy "Solar Power"

Lorde’s fans are celebrating her return with a new single. The feeling of the song stunned the audience stunned after four years of signing off from social media and making music. After the album in 2017, Lorde returns with a new energy which is names “Solar Power”. The song has people tweet, comment, and share on social media like a wildfire.

“The album is a celebration of the natural world, an attempt at immortalizing the deep, transcendent feelings I have when I’m outdoors,” Lorde mentions. Furthermore, she mentions the healing power of nature which heals almost everything from grief, heartache, heartbreak, and whatnot.

The new single titled Solar power released on 11th June vibes with flirtatious summer energy. Furthermore, the song also traces back to George Michael’s Freedom 90 in the song.

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Hate the winter

“Turn it on in a new kind of bright, It’s Solar, Come on let the bliss begin”

The song is named after a natural source of energy that has been touted as being gentler on the planet. Also, Lorde’s trip to Antarctica in the year 2019 is one of her inspirations behind the song. The song revolves around the goodness of nature and the incredible power that it holds. Solar power is also a start for Lorde’s dedication against climate change.

Lorde’s Synesthesia

The song is a midsummer theme video and Solar power is a beautiful artwork that makes you reminisce the feeling of warm sun and the beach. Lorde’s outfit emblems summer with a bright yellow outfit. Moreover, The song represents inward personal growth too.

This isn’t the first time that she used the sun as a metaphor in her song. From her album in Melodrama, she writes in her song “Liability” as “Disappear into the Sun”.

The colors used in Lorde’s music speak more than creating a theme for the song. As she suffers from synesthesia, her choice of colors speaks her mind.

Pretty Jesus

Lorde’s stage name has is one of the highlights of the show as her song says, “I am kinda like a prettier Jesus”. Additionally, his fans praised her as”Lord with and E” in the comments and on Twitter.

A comeback with solar power stirs her fans who relate to this song in their lives and the feeling it gives them.

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