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List Of Basic Makeup Kit For Beginners On Budget

makeup Kit

Well, doing makeup is nothing but the art you’re revealing to the world. The basic makeup kit varies across the board for budget beginners. Every person chooses its makeup based on his/her needs and budget.

Makeup is exciting and fun, but it can be overwhelming sometimes. Further, you have to pick something that matches your skin tone, or else it would be a disaster. Also, you have to gather most things according to your type of face and skin tone.

Are you completely new and want to know about makeup? Then, you’re at a perfect place. So here are some basic makeup kits for beginners.

Primer Is A Integral Part Of Your Makeup Kit

Primer is considered as an essential product of makeup. It is used according to your skin type. Further, it is applied before putting any makeup on. Also, it is used to clog the pore and helps to last your makeup for many hours. Further, it resists your makeup to be cakey and scatter.

makeup kit
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According to the people’s perspective, some consider it an inefficient process, and some consider as flawless. Further, we consider it as good stuff. So, the budget-friendly primer is “POREfessional Face primer” and can be found at any local drugstore or cosmetic shop. Further, it costs around $13 for a mini pack.


It is considered a base of makeup. It is all about preference to use what. Some use BB cream, and some use foundation. Further, if you want to look light and easy-going, then you must choose the BB cream over foundation. And if you’re going to look all full, then you must go for a foundation.

Makeup Kits
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Foundation also comes with different types, for, e.g., Matte, glossy, full coverage, etc. Also, it depends on your skin type if you go on deeper. Most importantly, a foundation must match your skin tone. So, here is the foundation that matches from normal to oily is “Maybelline FIT me matte plus poreless” costs around $10.


Makeup gurus consider concealer as necessary for a daily makeup routine. Further, concealer is used to conceal your marks, scars, and dark circle. Also, it matches your skin tone. Concealer should be of full coverage as it must hide your scars and marks.

Concealer as a important part of Makeup kits
Concealer as a important part of Makeup kits
Source: Revolution Beauty

Concealer is also found in different brands and different shades. Here we present budget-friendly concealer, which is “MAC studio fix” costs around $23.


If you want that rosy glow on your face? Then you must choose blush for your cheeks to enhance its beauty. You must be very careful about choosing your blush because some of them keep complaining about the low pigmentation of blush.

Blush also comes in a stick or a cake. Further, you can choose according to your wishes. You can use “Nars Orgasm Blush,” which costs around $30.


Highlighter is also an essential part of makeup. If you like a glow in the face which can hurt your eye, then it is the thing which you need to buy. Well, we suggest the “Dream Glowkit” from Anastasia Beverley Hills, which costs around $45 for six different shades.

Eyeliner And Mascara

Eyeliner is the primary thing of makeup. If you’re wearing nothing, wear eyeliner, then you’re ready to rule the world. Well, eyeliner can be on a pencil or in liquid. We suggest you “Life Liner Duo” from Huda Beauty, which cones around $25.

Mascara enhances your lashes. Well, if you have short lashes, then you could relate to it. Mascara that gives false lashes vibes and can enhance your lashes. Well, we suggest “Lash Princess False Lash Effect” by Essence, which costs you around $5.

Lipstick: The Basic Element Of Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit
Lipstick is the essential part of makeup kit for beginners
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Lipstick is something that almost everyone is aware of. Lipsticks come in different shades and colors. Lipstick can also be matt, glossy, or buttery. Lipstick can enhance your lips and can brighten your face. Here we suggest Huda Beauty Matte Lipstic, which costs around $20.

Makeup Kit Is Incomplete Without Brushes

Makeup brushes are a vital thing in makeup. Further, brushes are used for easy application and to give perfect texture to your makeup. Also, there are different types of brushes for different products. Here we suggest “Sephora Collection” for $30.

Above mentioned are some basic makeup things for beginners. Well, you can always add or remove it as you wish. Now, you must care about your skin for makeup. Stay beautiful, stay hydrated, and rule the world.