Life of Bruce Wills: Things You Didn’t Know

Do you know the versatile actor Bruce Willis?

Walter Bruce Willis, better known as Bruce Wills is popular for portraying his characters very well in his movies.

He is popular for his acting and dramatic roles in movies like Die Hard and The Sixth Sense.

Not only that, he is famous for getting married to most popular actress Demi Moore with whom he had three children but unfortunately got divorced.

You may know about his professional life, but how much do you know about his personal life?


Early Life

Bruce Willis, is the famous movie actor, born on 19 March, 1995 to father David Wills, who was in army in 1957.

Later his father came to New Jersey and worked as a welder and mechanic.

His mother Marlene K. worked in bank earning quite good money.

His father is was an American Soldier and mother German.

He has three young siblings, two brothers and one sister. Currently, he is running at the age of 64.


Education and Career

Bruce Wills enrolled to Penns Grove High School. He was a popular student who was elected as the student Council President. Later, he enrolled at Montclair State University to study drama.

Moving towards his career, after his high school, Wills started doing job as a security guard at the Salem Nuclear Power Plant and as private investigator.

He got chance to perform in the off-Broadway production Heaven and Earth in 1977. Wills also played a lead character in Bullpen.

Later, he worked in series Moonlight from 1985 to 1989. He did his first movie debut in 1987 with the movie Blind Date.

Bruce Wills’ break through was in 1988 with the movie Die Hard as a police officer John MCClane and Die Hard 2 in 1990.

In 1994 he played role in a movie which was a crime film called Pulo Fiction.

Later, in 1998 he was starred in Armageddon. In 2000, he appeared as Paul Stevens in three episodes of the television sitcom Friends.

In his 2000s, he played many roles in movies and television series as well.


Personal Life

At the premier for the film Stakeout, Bruce Wills met Demi Moore and married on November 21, 1987. Wills and his wife had three children.

Unfortunately, Wills and his wife filed a divorce in June 24, 1998 which was finalized in October 18, 2000.

He stated that he could not be a better father to his children and husband to his wife.

Later, he got engaged to actress Brooke Burns until they broke up in 2004 after 10 months.

Later, he dated Tamara Feldman for a time, after meeting her during the filming of Perfect Stranger.

Finally, Bruce Wills married Emma Heming in Turks and Caicos on March 21, 2009.

He has two children to his wife, Mabel Ray Willis and Evelyn Penn Willis. Talking about his net worth, he has net.


Awards and Achievements

In 1987, Bruce Wills won Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding lead actor in Dramatic series for Moonlight.

He also won Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor for same.

Later, in 2000 he won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in Comedy Series as Paul Stevens for Friends.


Filmography and Television Series

Talking about his movies and television series, in 1980s Bruce Wills worked in movies like First Deadly Sin, The First Deadly Sin, Verdict, Blind Date, Sunset, Die Hard, In Country, Look Who’s Talking, That’s Adequate, and Die Hard 2.

His other movies includes: Look Who’s Talking Too, Bonfire of the Vanities, Mortal thoughts, Hudson Hawk, Billy Bathgate, Last Boy Scout, Player, Death Becomes her, Loaded Weapon 1, Striking Distance, Color of Night, North, Pulp fiction and many more.

In 2000s, he also did some hit movies like: Disney’s the kid, Unbreakable, Bandits, Hart’s War, Tears of the sun, Rugrats Go Wild, Charlie’s Angles, Ocean’s Twelve, Hostage, Sin City, Alpha Dog, 16 Blocks, Fast Food Nation, Cop out and many more.

Recently, in 2017, and 2018  Bruce Wills worked in movies like First Kill, Death Wish, The Bombing, Acts of Violence, Once Upon a Time in Venice, Glass, Motherless, Brooklyn and many more