My Life at Foreign Affiliated College

life at college

As per my previous article about students not being prepared for the real world, this article is something similar to that.

I was a student who always focused on getting good grades since my childhood.

But, now i have become someone who rather would achieve something bigger in life just than a degree.

Being born from a middle class family, my parents always prepared me to get excellent grades and a stable job.

They gave me mindset to work for large companies, handling a respectable post and moreover earning decent money.

But, they never trained me to do something on my own. So did my school and college.

I was trained to limit my knowledge to books. Also, I was taught how to memorize certain information rather than learning critical life skills.

During my school days, all that mattered to me were my grades and my degree.

I was raised with that misleading mindset both at my house and my school.

My Life at Foreign Affiliated College

The life I experienced at a foreign affiliated college, it became a life changer for me.

In 2015, I joined a quite renowned yet, expensive foreign affiliated college.

The day I entered the class, my teacher immediately divided the students into specific groups.

She handed us a packet of chocolates and told us to sell all of those using our own skills and ability.

I got confused regarding what exactly was going on and why were we handed with such wired task instead of learning.

Later, I realized that the teachers were analyzing our ability to communicate and sell our products. I was quite impressed with the teaching style.

The curriculum that I have been studying since the past four years is totally retable to the real world scenario.

The way they taught me how to be confident in giving speech among the mass was a huge opportunity.

Before entering the college, I was a dull person who usually got scared to talk in front of mass.

I was the one who actually got good grades in school but could not even speak to a new person.

But, now I can easily talk in front of everyone. I have become comfortable in sharing my views with teachers who do not hesitate to give immediate feedback.

The lectures conducted in college and the way teachers interact with students is so knowledgeable that sometimes I feel overwhelmed.


The Difference

No wonder due to these sort of education system in foreign countries, the students perform tremendously well in terms of grades as well as real life.

The graduates produced by the colleges limited to books are nowhere compared to the graduates produced by colleges giving practical skills to the students.

This is what is have been analyzing throughout my journey at my foreign affiliated college.

The ability to critically analyses situations that I have been developing since the past few years in my college has made me feel more powerful and self-confident.

But, the only thing that sticks in my mind is that getting foreign degree is way too expensive.

This is why most of the students cannot afford to study foreign affiliated colleges even if they want.

No offense, I am not considering myself to belong from a rich family. I belong to a middle class family where my parents work day and night to pay my bills.

The way I feel privileged about my college, might not be same to everyone studying there.

There might be many students who feel that they are getting less facilities compared to what they paid to the college or any other reasons.

There might be some students who join the college just to waste their parent’s money and their future.

But, there might also be students who actually value what they are getting and that’s something which cannot be compared with money. And I belong to that category.


Final Thoughts

I value the things that life has given me and I do so for my college too. Had I gone to college just for getting a good degree, I would not be able to see any growth in myself.

I would not have got the exposure to the business world that I have now.

I would never have been able to speak confidently in front of mass about my ideas and knowledge that I have.

So, as a summary I would not like to mislead you all with things like you have to study foreign degree or you have to spend lots of money getting it.

This is just my genuine opinion on what I feel and what I value the most right now.

It is just an appreciation to my college, since I have only few months left to become a next graduate.