Life as an Elder Orphan

elder orphan
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As a human being, we all want to live our lives in a comfortable and safe place. We value our space.

Most of us think to live a single and childless life to focus on our careers and personal goals.

But we back off thinking how can we take care of myself as I grow older?

Growing age is the most difficult part of life anyone has to go through.

It brings changes in our physical and mental state.

We may not be able to rely on our own willpower alone to battle the high risks coming in life.


Common Concern of an Elder Orphan

One of the major concern of elder people is being lonely.

Aging alone can make older adults feel lonely and alone.

This is the time when older people need more support and love.

Otherwise they may lose their ability to perform tasks and suffer from illness.

Another major problem of elder people is being socially isolated.

The elder people, who are aging alone generally go through medical complications, depression and various other diseases.

Elder people are more vulnerable to abuse, physically and emotionally.

If they do not have family to support them, some people may take advantage of their weakness and abuse them.

They also legal support if they end up being alone. Some older adults have children to support them whereas, the elder orphans may not get any kind of financial and legal support from their families.

It is a huge challenge for people to live their lives alone especially at the age when they need most love and affection from their children.


So What Can We Do?

This article is for the children who do not understand how being old and left alone feels like.

As a child, we definitely want to help our parents at any situation.

But as we grow older, marry and have kids we start to feel burden of responsibilities.

That is the phase when we start getting irritated and ignorant about our parents.

We start to hate our parents for their behavior. As a result, we send them to orphan homes.

But, that’s not what we need to do. We need to give love to our parents the way they did to us.

Here are some steps which children can take for elder parents:

We need to learn about the issue regarding the problems faced by our parents.

Being sensitive about our parents and adapting the changes which they are experiencing is a better way to love our parents.

We all need to go through the same phase in which our parents are.

Keeping in mind that our children also might send us to elder orphanage, we need to love and respect our parents and feel their pain.

At this age, our parents might lose their sense and start doing annoying things. But, we need to be kind to them and love the way they are.

About the author

Sriya KC

Student @ islington Collage.