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Leadership Style That Is Most Effective For Your Business

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It can be really tough when you have to manage people under you.

Not only that but it is also very stressful. There are tons of ways you can lead a business.

However, you need to understand the one that is perfect for your situation.

From the countless leadership styles in management I have listed down a few.

These leadership styles are the most efficient ones.

Each leadership style will suit a different work culture. It might also depend on which part of the world you are.

For instance, in the eastern part of the world, autocratic/authoritative styles are more effective.

Conversely, in Western culture, the workers prefer democratic leadership style.


1. Transformational leadership style:

Management Style

Transformational leadership is one of the best leadership styles that anyone can adopt.

Management culture is moving towards a more people oriented actions.

Hence, this is the most effective style in order to improve the human aspect in your company.

This management style inspires, motivates and encourages the employees.

There is no micromanagement in this style which makes the employees more responsible yet satisfied.


2.Democratic or participative leadership:

Leadership Style

As the word suggests, this style is very inclusive in nature.

The leaders include employees in the decision making process of the company.

The responsibility is shared among all the employees equally.

This type of leadership will create a sense of ownership among the employees.

When they feel that their work is important, their performance will also improve.


3. Laissez-faire leadership:

Leadership Style

Especially when your team is very skillful, this style will work wonders.

This increases the mutual respect and understanding the employees.

This is mostly effective when your team is talented.

In such cases they will need their own skills

. Additionally, you won’t even have to guide them.

However, this will not be effective if your team isn’t as experienced.

Some of them will require at least some kind of guidance. So, you should be careful when to apply this style of leadership.


4. Bureaucratic leadership:

If the nature of your business is constancy, this is the perfect style for you.

Most of the business that don’t require innovation and creativity use this style.

The employees are delegated their work. They are expected to work within the rules.

The organization follows a top-down hierarchy.

This style is mostly popular in the public sector. Hence, the power is centralized in this style and there is less chance for creativity.


5. Innovation leadership:

Dr. David Gliddon termed the word innovation leadership in 2006.

This is a style which is a mixture of various other leadership styles.

This type of leaders believe in creativity. They expect new ideas and innovation.

Innovation is promoted by such leaders.

Almost similar to transformational leadership, this is one of the best styles in new businesses.

This leadership style is one of the most preferred style by the employees at the present.


6. Situational Leadership:

Management Style

This is one of the smartest leadership styles.

You can change your management style according to the situation that you are in.

You can try to influence your followers by changing your style accordingly.

There are a lot of benefits of using this style. Most importantly, you will be able to lead your team properly in each and every situation.

Also, if required you can use different styles to different groups of people depending on their culture.


7. Servant leadership:

Servant leadership states that the leader puts the needs of this followers in the first.

The main motto of the leader is to serve them.

Similarly, there is a complete transfer of authority to his/her subordinates.

Moreover, the leader is patient and is selfless. This type of boss are loving and demonstrate persistence.

Their major principle is that a servant can only be a leader if he still remains a servant.

This type of leadership is mostly useful when you are working together with people with the same level of expertise as you.


8. Directive leadership:

Although it is not as popular as it used to be, this has some benefits.

It is mostly useful when your team is not as skilled. Under this leadership style, the leader will have more control.

The leader is more commanding. Most of the people at present like to be free.

They don’t want too much control from the management.

However, this style comes in handy if you don’t have much time to complete a work.

Similarly, if your team needs to be guided and aren’t as experienced, this can be helpful.

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