How the latest Plastic Shoe Trend is affecting your Health

plastic shoe trend

Fashion is a hard thing to follow, especially when the trends change like England’s weather.

And also because you might not look as good as the models on the runway. Yet, we all love it, don’t we?

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to look well and put together and seem like they know what is trending in the fashion world?

But sometimes fashionistas and trendsetters take it a little too far. Whether it’s Lady Gaga wearing a meat-dress in an award show or Cher challenging the fashion police in almost every Oscars.

Well, it’s all still acceptable. But one of the latest fashion trends might get you the green card from the fashion police, however, the health police are really concerned.

The latest fashion trend that was seen all over the runways in different fashion shows was the Plastic heels.

Celebrities from Kim Kardashian-West to Rihanna are all seen rocking this trend with all the swag. And if you’re thinking of rocking them too, you should know the plastic shoes comes with a catch.

And the catch is definitely not a good one.

The Health Hazard of PVC Shoes.

Apparently, plastic shoes are not only bad for the environment (because it is made of plastic) but also extremely bad for your health.

Health professionals have warned people about the dangers of wearing plastic shoes and what it does to your health.

The plastic when comes in contact with the warm feet, start fogging up. And it looks like it creates its own transparent miniature ecosystem.

plastic shoes trend

But the worst part is, when moisture and heat come in contact, it makes things grow.

The lack of breathability becomes the biggest harmful factor.

Honestly, the foot alone without a sock in a shoe provides a perfect environment for bacterial and fungal growth.

And with plastic shoes, the chances are even higher, as there is a higher rate of moister and heat.

Another reason health professionals suggest you not to wear plastic shoes is because of their rigidness.

While shoes made from other materials have the ability to expand a little bit, giving your room for flexibility.

But with plastic, you don’t have that kind of freedom. Thus, it stiffens your feet and becomes really problematic to walk around.

Even if just the sole is made out of plastic, you could still have issues like bone and joint pain. The reason for this is that it lacks shock absorption.

Therefore, if you’re feeling like you want to look like Kim K. just once and decide to wear PVC shoes, do yourself a favor and don’t.

You can even ditch the Crocs out because turns out, they’re even more harmful.

Why do you need to throw your Crocs out?

plastic shoes trend

Apparently, your dad’s favorite comfort shoes might not be that comfortable after all.

Health professionals have ruled out that Crocs are really bad for your health. They, so it seems, do not adequately secure the heel. And when the heel is unstable, the toes grip leading to tendinitis, nail problems, worsening of toe deformities, corns, and calluses.

So, for the sake of your health, it is better to choose comfort over fashion this once and ditch the plastic shoes.

The reason I didn’t say Crocs is because no one is walking around wearing Crocs, be real.

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