Kundalini Yoga: The Art of Being Self Conscious

Kundalini is divine energy which resite at the bottom of our spine coiled up in a snake form. Every one of us has this potential energy within us; it doesn’t matter whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and jews. Matter of fact, kundalini is a dormant powerhouse.

One will surely know kundalini if it moves. There are lots of connotations, especially in Hindu scripture, but let’s not go there. So how one can awaken kundalini and know self-realization? Can we see our kundalini? of course, yes, there are many methods to awake this nuclear reactor, and we can see too. Matter of fact, it is safe to awake if there is proper guidance, and if not, you have to face the consequences.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is the supreme energy as well as the consciousness which is coiled up 3 ½ times at the base of the spine holding an electric energy field. Moreover, kundalini can travel from the bottom to the top of the head. Generally, it has a circular motion when it travels through the body. So what is the size of kundalini? Coiled energy kundalini is as small and thin as human hair.

Kundalini, pluging to the ultimate source
Kundalini, plugging to the ultimate source, isha,sadhguru

Kundalini experience is hundred times powerful than sex at the same time it might be frightening too. Further, awaking the power trigger the front lope of the tongue. Matter of fact, In the Eastern tradition, it is known to be significant growth to spiritual enlightenment. Still, in Western cultures, it is seldom accepted as an extremely energetic or physical problem.

Awaking electrical kundalini energy triggers the Ida and Pingala, known as a masculine and feminine power. Also, this awaking of this power source causes significant changes in the human body, such as physical, emotional, sensate, and psychic capacities too.

How to Awaken Your Kundalini

Our spine controls our whole experience of life. To awaken kundalini, it takes years of practice. According to yoga science, full cosmic energy enters from the top of the head where Sahasrara chakra lies, and the location is six inches above the head.

Further, it slowly descends through the spin piercing all the fundamental seven chakras. Each chakra contains three energy centers, which are also referred to as chakras, which means seven chakras include 21 energy centers shaped in a triangle form.

basic map of energy system, kundalini
basic map of energy system, kundalini, binauralbeastsmeditation

The life current of this cosmic energy connects you to the supreme soul, which is considered as god. When the vital force is reverse through the root chakra Muladhara, it will connect our consciousness to another world.

Every one person has a positive as well as a negative aspect in their life. So to maintain this positive and negative energy, boosting this power is through yoga can be a good option if your chakra is balanced. Kundalini can rise and meet the super consciousness shiva.

The spiritual eye and crown chakra act as an accurate poll, but the fundamental thing is one should balance the root chakra, foundation Muladhara.

When the union of shakti and shiva happens, enlightenment is near. Some seeker uses Bhastrika Pranayama, a violent breathing exercise to activate this energy well; some use kriya yoga to enhance the experience.

There is too much talk about kundalini. However, thinking of loving thoughts can also release this energy upward. Moreover, to some extended playing sports such as football, swimming, boxing can also activate the kundalini.

If one’s motive is pure without any ego, this dormant energy will slowly move toward the heart chakra, Anahata. Sadhguru taught a balanced and scientific approach to enlightenment through yoga, such as angamardana, Surya Kriya, Bhuta shuddhi. Also, the great spiritual teacher of the decade, Yogananda highly encourage to know this vital energy.

Ways to Awake Kundalini

If you are curious to know about kundalini, then here, we provide some methods and tips which will help you out through the journey.

Kundalini Yoga: The Art of Being Self Conscious
Art of Being Self Conscious, consciousreminder

1. Pay attention to Breath

Knowing your breath is the key to maintain a sharp focus that will do miraculous things in your life. Further, do anapana at least 5 min a day; what it does is all the process of thought is normalize in a balanced way.

2. Make your spine straight

If your spine is straight while you are sitting, all of your downward energy will pass through the 72,000 nadis. Also, the straight spine will help in your spiritual journey.

3. Maintain Your Diet

You are what you eat. If you are trying to uplift your dormant energy, then you should eat proper. Having junk food won’t help you to increase your kundalini voltage. Well, if you eat meat, a little bit of aggression will bother you. So be on plant-based food.

4. Do Yoga

yoga is a science, and its a technology. There is a whole lot of science in the outside world, as we can communicate with the person who is far from us. Just like that, Yoga is an inner science to enhance this potential energy.

5. Get a Guru

Find someone wise man or yogi who has been through all the experience of yoga. You may want to share your thought and knowledge related to kundalini yoga.

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