Know Seasickness, and Kick It Away Throughout Your Cruise

Know Seasickness, and Kick It Away Throughout Your Cruise

Travelling is never supposed to be a suffering period. No one ever went out on a journey in pursuit of sufferings.

Adventure is one thing, and ought to be kept aside.

There are things that don’t just worsen our off-time but also metamorphose it into a forgettable disturbance.

While we try our best to keep all those factors aside throughout our journey, we may still turn unlucky.

Motion sickness is one of the common troublemakers that comes in the way between us and our joyous journey.


Seasickness: Symptoms and Causes

Know Seasickness, and Kick It Away Throughout Your Cruise

Seasickness is a motion sickness that is caused by the misunderstanding between sensory organs and the brain – while cruising.

In seasickness the actual motion perceived by eyes doesn’t match the vestibular system’s sense of motion.

The symptoms of seasickness include:


• Nausea

Nausea is a condition when you feel like vomiting.

This is one of the common symptoms of seasickness.


• Dizziness

In dizziness, you feel everything around you are moving when they are not.

This results in your imbalance and you may want to fall on the ground.


• Fatigue

You feel short of energy in this symptom and that happens all of a sudden.


• Headache

This is not among the common symptoms of seasickness.

Only few tend to acquire headache as seasickness symptoms.


• Unusual sweating

Even if you are in a low temperature, you may experience unusual sweating.


• Burping

You find your stomach not in good health and start burping.

While the main cause of seasickness is the coordination lapse between the sensory organs and vestibular system, some other causes may include:

• Smell of the ship
• Watching someone with seasickness
• Consumption of heavy meal and alcohol
• Mental or psychological defects in the person

If you are on your first cruise, seasickness may be a common thing to experience.

Though this may not be a serious issue, you don’t want to adjust to it.

Instead, like everyone else, you are eager to avoid and cure it.


Seasickness Remedies, Medications, and Cure

Know Seasickness, and Kick It Away Throughout Your Cruise

Expertise have discovered many precautions and cure already, for your delight.

So, why don’t you try and enjoy your time in the ship while these remedies take care of you.


• Pills and tablets

Although the seasickness pills have shown varied results so far, it is always best to try them out.

Antivert and Dramamine are among the Doctors’ prescribed preventive pills, effective for short duration cruise.

Bonine tablets which are to be taken 2 hours before the cruise time have proved to be quite effective and more preferred.


• Patch

The scopolamine patches are quite effective as well.

A patch is applied on the back neck, behind an ear 30 minutes before the cruise time and is subject to replacement every 72 hours.


• Diet

Food is one of the aspects that effects your sail on board.

It’s best for a cruiser to stick to non-spicy, non-acidic foods with no fats 24 hour pre cruise time.

It would be even better if you could control caffeine and alcohol consumption.

Staying hydrated may as well assist your ignorance to seasickness, to some extent.


• Motion Ease Oil

This is a natural remedy. Whenever you feel like you are about to attain seasickness, apply this oil down behind from an ear.

For your useful information, this natural seasickness cure remedy excludes any risk of side effects.


• Ginger

Ginger has proved to be another effective treatment for seasickness.

Chewing a piece of ginger or sucking a ginger candy, drinking a glass of ginger tea shall surprise you with the end product.

And like motion ease oil, it is side effects free.


• Acupressure bracelets


Acupressure bracelets are another effective technique to avoid seasickness.

For those cruisers, who intend to drink but have fear of seasickness at the same time, this is the ultimate solution.

You can buy these bracelets at a drugstore.


• Selection of the cabin

For reducing seasickness chances, selection of the cabin is another important thing to look at before booking a cabin.

Try to avoid the front and back rows of the boat or ship if possible.

Booking a cabin mid ship, towards the bottom helps you reduce the seasickness chances because of the balance factor.


• Psychological treatments

This method of trying to ignore seasickness symptoms may not be applicable to all but there’s nothing in trying out.

Try not to think about seasickness throughout your cruise.

You’d rather divert your mind into the purposes of the voyage.

Listening to music, closing your eyes (if any signs of seasickness symptoms appear) and relaxing may prove fruitful.

Seasickness may not lead to anything critical but you can’t just let it ruin your voyage.

Try to avoid it as much as you can. Or try to cure it sooner than later because you have to.

Seasickness is bound to worsen your fun on board if you don’t. Have a pleasant time on board!

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