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Katherine Kedzierska Talks About The Recovery From COVID-19: Nature Medicine

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The worldwide spreading pandemic, COVID-19 needs a recovery as soon as possible. On one side, peoples are locking their door due to the virus, whereas, Katherine Kedzierska admits we can fight back the virus with our immune system. Yes, Melbourne researchers have found the immune responses after the virus enters the body. Additionally, they also have mapped out the patient’s body’s ability to fight with the virus.

Katherine Kedzierska is currently serving as the head of the Human T cell Laboratory, where her department is Microbiology and Immunology. As soon as the Melbourne research team came up with new things about the virus, there is a strong possibility that they would make the vaccine for the virus.

Let’s find out in detail about the life of Katherine with her childhood, education, career, relationship status, and her recent work on COVID-19. Stay tuned with us until the end.

Katherine Kedzierska Talks About The Recovery From COVID-19: Nature Medicine

At the same time where the world is suffering from COVID-19, Melbourne researchers found out responses on the immune system of a patient who was suffered from the virus. After knowing about the body responses, they mapped out the ability of a human body to fight against the virus in order to recover from the infection.

The picture of Prof. Katherine Kedzierska
The picture of Prof. Katherine Kedzierska
Image Source: Peter Doherty Institute

The Melbourne researchers published a Nature Medicine report which described how the patient’s immune system responded to the COVID-19. One of the researchers, Dr. Oanh Nguyen told:

We looked at the whole breadth of the immune response in this patient using the knowledge we have built over many years of looking at immune responses in patients hospitalised with influenza.

Due to their timely research, the team came to know the responses of the virus and also worked upon it. Meanwhile, Katherine Kedzierska supported the team to come up with the responses of the virus which could be a better understanding point for making a vaccine. Katherine admitted:

We showed that even though COVID-19 is caused by a new virus, in an otherwise healthy person, a robust immune response across different cell types was associated with clinical recovery, similar to what we see in influenza.

She moreover added:

This is an incredible step forward in understanding what drives recovery of COVID-19. People can use our methods to understand the immune responses in larger COVID-19 cohorts, and also understand what’s lacking in those who have fatal outcomes.

The Melbourne team is trying to expand their work nationally and internationally. If people come to know the physical responses of the virus, then it would be easy to fight back.

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Katherine Kedzierska’s Education & Career

As we mentioned earlier, Katherine Kedzierska is an Australian Head of the Human T cell Laboratory. She expertises in viral immunology. Mentioning her education, she earned her Ph.D. from Monash University in 2002. She did research under the Australian professor, Suzanne Crowe and received a qualification in immunity to HIV infection and the mechanisms of disease pathogenicity.

Katherine Kedzierska, the head of the Human T cell Laboratory
Katherine Kedzierska, the head of the Human T cell Laboratory
Image Source: YouTube

Furthermore, Kedzierska also finished her research into the key mechanisms underlying immunological T cell memory formation and persistence. At the present time, she specializes in her work in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. Besides, she herself has established independent research on human influenza viruses. In particular, Katherine along with Carolien Emma van de Sandt is working together to prepare a vaccine for the worldwide pandemic (COVID-19).

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Short Bio of Katherine Kedzierska

Katherine Kedzierska was born in Australia. Thus, her nationality is Australian. As she spends a low-key life, she has not revealed anything about her parents and childhood. Similarly, her relationship status and married life are also not available on the internet.

As a professor, Katherine might be earning a colossal amount of money from her on-going profession. However, she has not provided any details about her net worth in the media. As of 2020, she might be enjoying a lavish life.

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