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Kate Broderick: The Scientist Who Is Working Hard To Find The Vaccine For Wuhan Coronavirus

Kate Broderick

The coronavirus epidemic has taken over the world. World health organization has declared it an international health emergency. In such a condition, Kate Broderick is a scientist who has worked nonstop to find a cure for the coronavirus. Kate Broderick works with Inovio pharmaceuticals to develop vaccines against such diseases.

In this time of emergency, we desperately need people to fight against it. So doctors have been working day and night to help people. The onset of the virus has left people scared and worried. In the face of this crisis, Dr. Kate Broderick is working day and night to find a vaccine to end it. Even during the time of the ebola crisis, she was one of the first people to try and develop a solution.

Who is Dr.Kate Broderick?

Dr.Kate Broderick INOVIO
Photo: Inovio Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Kate Broderick’s portrait

Dr. Kate Broderick is a 42-year-old British scientist. She is also the executive vice president of research and development at Inovio pharmaceuticals in the United States. Furthermore, she has spent her whole life working to find a vaccine against such diseases.

What is the coronavirus?

The coronavirus is an illness caused by a novel virus in the Coronaviridae family. The virus is so new that it doesn’t even have a name yet. It’s believed to have come from animals. However, when contracted by humans, it causes respiratory inflammation. Scientists believe that the outbreak of the virus happened from Wuhan, a state in China. Since the largest number of people is infected in that area.

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Deadly Corona Virus

Dr. Kate Broderick who is of Scottish origin finds it as her responsibility to do something about the disease. The disease, if not stopped could kill thousands of people.

How many people have died due to coronavirus?

As of now, there are more than 31,000 reported and confirmed cases of this virus. Sadly already 638 people have lost their lives to this condition. Although more than 1778 people have recovered from the illness, there are almost 5000 severe cases. The time of emergency has called for people in the scientific community to work towards a solution.

What is Dr.Kate Broderick doing for Coronavirus?

Dr. Kate Broderick is known for making vaccines for deadly diseases. So, at present, she is trying to come up with one that will help us fight coronavirus.

The scientist was on vacation when she first heard about the case of coronavirus in Wuhan, China. Within days, she started working with her team to develop something against the virus.

Inovio received a $ 9 million grant to develop a Coronavirus vaccine

Inovio has acquired a grant of $9 Million to develop a vaccine against coronavirus. She with her team had developed a vaccine for the virus within 2 hours after receiving the sequence. The vaccination would only go for clinical trials after they first test it on animals. But if the epidemic is still not contained, all the 1.38 billion Chinese people would have to be vaccinated.

Dr.Kate Broderick INOVIO
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Dr. Kate Broderick working

Dr. Broderick says that “Those $9 million will allow us to push that research and development into the clinic and allow us to give help to those patients in the outbreak region,”. Moreover, they expect the vaccination will be ready by early summer to start using on humans.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals:

Kate Broderick joined the Inovio pharmaceuticals in 2006. At Inovio, Kate is looking after the development of a broad range of DNA medicines for infectious diseases and cancers. At present, Kate heads the research and development team at Inovio.

Dr.Kate Broderick INOVIO
Inovio Pharmaceuticals at USA

Kate has always been interested in the design of transdermal delivery and helped in the development of prototypes of the same at Inovio. She was one of the people who helped develop Cellectra. It’s a device that delivers medicines directly into cells in the body.

Dr. Kate Broderick’s Education and career:

“I’ve always pictured a virus as a kind of alien,” says Kate Broderick. Dr. Kate completed her Ph.D. from Glasgow University, Scotland and moved to the United States to work. After moving to the United States, Kate Broderick started working on a therapeutic solution.

Dr. Kate Broderick’s Professional life:

In an interview with The Times, she said: “I’ve spent my entire life working towards making a difference in an outbreak setting like this and I will do whatever it takes“. So we can expect her to develop some kind of cure for the coronavirus as well.

Photo: The Times
Dr. Kate Broderick

During her career, she has authored and co-authored more than 60 articles. Moreover, the research findings are on scientific topics. Kate also holds multiple patents in DNA vaccines. Dr. Broderick has also been named the Business Women of the Year by San Diego Business Journal in 2018.