Karl Stefanovic: The TV Presenter Who Wore The Same Suit For A Year

Karl Stefanovic
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Karl Stefanovic is a 45-year-old Australian TV presenter. He has been working at the Nine Network for almost 20 years now. Karl Stefanovic’s wife, Jasmine Yarbrough is pregnant with his baby and is due in May. Since 2019, he has been co-hosting the Today show alongside host Allison Langdon.

Karl Stefanovic was married to Cassandra Thorburn and has three children with her. He got divorced from his ex-wife in 2016 before he met Jasmine. At present Jasmine is pregnant with his child and they have decided not to know the sex of the child until birth.

How was Karl Stefanovic’s Childhood?

Karl Stefanovic was born on 12th August 1974 in New South Wales, Australia. He was born to a family of a Serbian-German father and Australian mother. Stefanovic has a younger brother who is also a correspondent at the 60 Minutes Australia.

Karl Stefanovic
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Karl Stefanovic

Stefanovic’s mother said in an interview on the Today show that Karl loved doing impressions. She said,” he would do the impressions of the doctor, his school teachers.” She added,” he wasn’t a noisy child, he did his own things, he played a lot of sports”. 

Stefanovic’s Educational Background:

Karl Stefanovic graduated from college with a degree in Journalism. He completed his college in 1994 from Queensland University of Technology. He also completed his schooling at Queensland. Stefanovic graduated high school from St Augustines College which is an all-boys high school at Queensland Australia.

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However, after completing his college degree he couldn’t get a position in media. He also auditioned for NIDA National Institute of Dramatic Arts at the request of his father. But it didn’t help him either. Even though he cleared a few rounds after the auditions he couldn’t make it. He was requested to apply again the next year.

Stefanovic’s Professional career

Karl Stefanovic chose to start working rather than wait until next year for NIDA. He accepted a job offer at WIN Television in Australia. Later he moved to New Zealand to work as a reporter for the One Network News in 1996. Two years later, he chose to move back to Australia. This time he worked for Tens Network as a reporter and the presenter. He also worked as a fill-in news reporter in the place of Ron Wilson.


Finally, in 2000 he was hired at Nine Network and ever since he has been working for the channel. He started working as a backup reporter and presenter now he holds the position of a c0-host. He hosted Carlos for about 4 years before he was replaced by David Campbell in 2012.

However, news has popped up now about the viewership of the Today show and it doesn’t look good for Karl Stefanovic.

What are Stefanovic’s Height and measurements?

Karl Stefanovic is 5 feet 10 inches (1.77m) tall. He used to have a very ripped body, but he has gained a few pounds now. Nonetheless, he likes to flaunt his body on Instagram.


Karl Stefanovic’s Relationships:

Karl Stefanovic met Cassandra Thoburn who is also a TV presenter, at a party in 1995. They fell in love and married each other in the same year. With Cassandra, he has three children Jackson who is 20 years old, Ava and River who are 14 and 12 respectively. However, after being together for 21 years, the couple decided to split in 2016.

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Karl and Jasmine

Stefanovic is now married to the model and business owner, Jasmine Yarbrough. They met on a cruise ship in December of 2016. Almost immediately after he divorced his ex-wife, Stefanovic fell in love with Jasmine Yarbrough. Karl Stefanovic said in an interview, “I certainly did not expect to meet someone five months after I broke up with my wife

They got engaged in 2018 which made their relationship official and public. They started attending events together and making public appearances as a couple. The couple decided to get married in Mexico in a Chapel. Their marriage had interesting guests like the former foreign minister of Australia.

Stefanovic’s wife and kids:

Currently, Karl Stefanovic has three kids with his ex-wife and is expecting another from his current wife. He already shares custody of the three kids he had with his ex-wife. Additionally, they are set to welcome their first child together in May of this year.


Karl said in an interview about jasmine, “She’s glowing and we are happy, very happy. We are glad some of the heat had died down from the whole thing and we can finally lead a normal life as we did before.”

How much is Karl Stefanovic’s Net Worth and salary?

In 2020, Karl Stefanovic is worth about $10 Million USD. Karl has ended up in a list of highest-earning TV presenters in the past. He easily earns his salary in 6 digits. With the long years of experience, he has on TV, we can expect him to earn a salary of no less than $150,000 AUD.

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Karl Stefanovic reportedly left with only $500,000 in cash and assets after he got divorced with Cassandra Thoborne in 2016. However, his ex-wife left with $6Million in assets. Furthermore, she also received ongoing child support and ongoing payments. Karl had to face the issue of splitting the property that he had bought with his ex-wife after they decided to separate.


They sold the $9 million Cremorne house that they bought in 2016. Reports say that Karl was ready to do anything to get the custody of his children. His ex-wife reportedly got 92% of the asset pool that they had together.

Karl Stefanovic’s Suit Incident:

If you watch Stefanovic, you might know about this case. Stefanovic once conducted an experimental study about sexism. He wanted to show how women are judged on TV about their appearance more than men.

He wore the same suit for a whole year and no one seemed to have noticed that. However, his female counterparts have repeatedly received negative criticisms about their clothing.