Joe Loughnane, A Candidate Of People Before Party (PBP) Was Suspended; What Was The Reason? Explained

Joe Loughnane, A Candidate Of People Before Party (PBP) Was Suspended; What Was The Reason? Explained

Joe Loughnane is a People Before Profit candidate who recently came to high light in public. So what made him so famous overnight? Matter of fact, Galway candidate Joe has smashed one of the woman’s phones on the ground. This incident happened last year in 2019 but the incident has not upsurged and was immediately dismissed with an apology.

As of 2020, Joe Loughnane has been actively involved People Before Profit fighting for the ceremonial head election. However, he is facing a tough time due to the incident that happened last year. Let’s dive deep into the topic to explore his Biography, Incident, Election, Education, and twitter statement of People Before Profit.

Candidate Joe Loughnane has been Suspended by the People Before Party (PBP)

Ireland law is very strict. The candidate of General Election, Joe Loughnane was contesting in the Galway West constituency. Now he is suspended by the People Before Profit. Moreover, he is charged with immediate action by the voters, for his misconduct behavior that happened last year.

PBP party stated on Twitter that they are extremely sorry and aware of the situation regarding one of the Galway candidate Joe Loughnane. They are taking this matter extremely seriously with action. Further, PBP is not letting anyone with such behavior which ruin the reputation of the organization and will result in severe sanctions.

On Feb 8, 2020, on the behalf of Galway, People Before Profit twitted mentioning the act. The member of Solidarity is suspended with immediate effect.

People Before Profit Galway Twitted on Twitter
People Before Profit Galway Twitted on Twitter

Galway branch of PBP posted on the Facebook page that it was

“shocked and outraged to learn of the actions of Joe Loughnane”. 

Moreover, the PBP party has sent solidarity to the young women who have been a victim. The party is extremely sorry for Joe Loughnane’s aggression and damage to the young women’s property.

“There is absolutely no place in a proudly socialist feminist party like People Before Profit for people who behave like he has. Disciplinary action will be initiated by party HQ.”

This post went viral encouraging election voters to give their vote to another candidate in the constituency.

Joe Loughnane Apology to Women

Back in 2019 after the incident, Mr. Joe Loughnane shared a post on his social account, Facebook. He states an apology to the women saying ” I am extremely sorry for my bad behavior”. As of now, Joe is ashamed of his past aggressive act and has deleted his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts.

 Additionally, Loughnane added: “I have and will do everything I can to rectify this situation. This matter is being taken very seriously.”

He is now facing a disciplinary proceeding and has suspended from the party with an immediate effect. Matter of fact, he resigns from the party officially. So far there no excuse for such an irresponsible act in Ireland.

On his own words: “This type of behaviour is the very thing the politics I have tried to represent, rallies against. I have let down that politics, I have let down my party, I have let down all my supporters.

Joe let down the supporter, stepping out from the organization that he campaign with. Further, Joe told that he will do everything to ensure the problem. He apologizes to the women and also convinces the public that he accepts the guilt for his action.

About Joe Loughnane- Chairman at Galway Anti Racism Network

Joe Loughnane is Ireland born citizen. He is a highly educated person who holds a master’s degree in International Human Rights Law. Also, he has a degree in law and arts (Legal Science and Philosophy). Joe has not mentioned his date of birth yet. Talking about his family, he has not shared any information about his father, mother, and siblings yet.

Joe Loughnane, People Before Profit, Bio, Early life
Joe Loughnane, People Before Profit, Galway Daily

Achievement and Experience

  • Exploring his timeline on Linkedin. He worked as an English Langauge Support Teaching Association from May 2011- Sep 2011 where he has to teach students whose first mother language is not English.
  • Form Sep 2009- Dec 2011, joe toil in the Customer Service, TK Maxx.
  • Joe worked as an academic tutor, personal Assistant for disabled students in the Galway Centre for Independent Living.
  • Joe was elected as a representative of the national steering committee of a political party and worked from April 2012- Oct  2012.
  • He also toils as a sales and services Consultant from June 2012-Dec 2012.
  • On the other hand, he was a search intern where he has to provide the article and manage campaign issues relating to the human rights effects of counter-terrorism measures.
  • For more than one years he became the Executive administrative Assistant of SGS
  • Well, currently, Joe is an account manager and working with the Diesel Card Ireland Ltd, County Galway, Ireland.

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