Job Interview Questions for Students

One of the major differences between students giving job interview and professional giving job interview is their age and their experiences.

Students are usually fresher who do not have the experience and are not expected to have one.

Usually, for the first time, when a student goes out for a job interview, they seem quite nervous and mess it up.

But, don’t worry it happens to everyone. It’s just an experience that makes us learn lots of things.

In this article, we bring you some of the frequently asked job interview questions for students. Trust me this will help you a lot to prepare yourself and to get the best out of you.


What are your long-term ambitions?

This is a frequently asked job interview question where the interviewer wants to see how focused you are. Also to know how well thought out your plans are for your future.

The interviewer may be trying to calculate whether your goals are compatible with the company’s or not.

If you have certain long-term goals, state it or if you don’t, state a short-term goal. This will make you look ambitious in the mind of your interviewer.


Why did you choose this profession?

This question is frequently asked in any job interview to know whether you are interested enough to fit in the profession or not.

In this case, be honest unless you fell into it. Show how enthusiast you are to be a part of that field and how motivated you ate to succeed.


What subjects did you enjoy the most and the least?

This is a job interview question asked by interviewer to know about your strength and weaknesses.

In this case, be sure to align the subject you like most with your profession. You have to link everything with the job you are interviewing for, even it might not be true sometimes.

For those you liked least, name subjects that have no bearing on your future and will not affect your job.


What do you know about our company?

This is the most important and frequently asked question in any job interview.

By this question, the interviewer will try to know whether you have taken time to research about the company or not.

Also, have you identified where and how you can contribute or not. This shows how much passionate and interested are you to get the job.

If you are able to answer this question, trust me, you are definitely going to get the job.


What were some of your greatest achievements in college?

This is a job interview question to know how capable and enthusiastic you are in real life.

It is totally an opportunity to toot your own horn and emphasize things you want to highlight.


Do you feel that you might be overqualified for this position?

Being overqualified means that you will be looking for another job the day you accept this one.

It means you will be seeking for higher position with more money than the company offers you.

If you say yes, then there might be high chance of you losing the job immediately because the interview might think you as less committed person.


Have you always done your best?

This is a simple but cunning question of any job interview to test your commitment and ability.

In this case, be honest and show how you are consistently striving to improve in every field you have worked.