Jaden Hossler: Bio, Age, Height, Siblings, Music, Merch, and Singing

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Jaden Hossler is one of the most popular TikTok artists at the moment. Not only TikTok, but he is equally famous on youtube and Instagram as well. As of February 2020, Jaden has 1.6 million Instagram followers. Plus he has 4.1 million TikTok followers at the moment with 144million individual likes.

At the very young of 19, Jaden has managed to grow popular worldwide and make a fan base for his content. The amount of followers that he has been able to gain in the past few years is definitely impressive. This budding artist generally makes comedic, dance and music-related content in social media platforms.

Jaden Hossler: Net Worth and Social media Earnings

Reportedly, the rising TikTok star, Jaden Hossler’s net worth is estimated to be around $150,000. As per the influencing marketing hub, Jaden’s per post income is estimated to be between $2,453 – $4,088. On the other hand, TikToker can also earn an additional amount of money by promoting the products of different brands.

In particular, You should start looking at monetizing TikTok once you count your followers in the thousands. Moreover, the marketers are known for paying between $200 and $20,000 per influencers’ sponsored video, according to the level of influence of the person.

Apart from the earnings of TikTok, Jaden also earns an additional amount of money from his merchandise which is famous by his own name “JADEN HOSSLER.”

Jaden Hossler’s Bio: Parents, Siblings, Early Life

This 19-year-old TikTok artist was born in 2001 on February 8th. He was born in Tennessee, United States. However, at present, he is living in LA with five of his friends. All of his friends also actively create funny and capturing content for social media platforms.

When it comes to family, Jaden has three sisters named Sophie Hossler Heath, Clayton Heath, and Haley Hossler. Additionally, he is really close with his mother Denae Hossler, who has also appeared in many of his TikTok videos. Also, he has good bonding with his father, John Hossler. He hasn’t been quite open about his schooling and education in social media. However, he has been vocal about his love for football.

Jaden Hossler’s Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram:

Jaden has managed to generate a considerable fan base on various social media sites. The most number of followers he has is on TikTok, followed by Instagram and then twitter.


On these accounts, he normally creates comedic, funny and dance contents for his fans. At times he is also seen acting together with his mother in a few videos. He worked together with other social media stars like Chase Hudson, Griffin Johnson, and Chase Keith which helped him gain more views.

Not just these sites, but he is also budding in sites like a sound cloud where he is set to release his new music like Comatose.

Talent X is sponsoring Jaden’s new house in LA:

In a recent interview with Hollywire, Jaden said that he was living with 5 of his friends in a house in LA. The five friends Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Anthony Reeves, Kio Cyr, and Griffin johnson along with Jaden use the place to pump out new content.

Jaden Hossler
Jaden Hossler
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The house, according to him was set up for them as a place for creating new content by Talent X. Talent X is a new growth management team (talent agency) in LA for people who are trying to enter Hollywood.

Jaden Hossler Singing career:

Not only is Jaden engaged in creating content for social media but he is equally enthusiastic about his music. He knows how to play ukelele. In the past, he has teased his followers by releasing small snippets of him singing.


In a recent interview, Jaden said that he has written quite a few songs and soon he will be releasing them as well. He said that after a few legal issues are sorted out, he couldn’t wait to show people his music.

Jaden Hossler
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He says that he probably would be focusing on the rock music genre and make people like this genre. Jaden Hossler has recently posted a small snippet from his new song Comatose, which he will officially release at around February 2020.

How did Jaden get popular?

The young TikTok artist, Jaden Hossler started posting his videos on social media when he turned 14. Now, within a period of 5 years, he has managed to earn millions of followers. He started posting funny and creative content in the beginning.

Jaden Hossler
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Jaden also gained popularity by joining hands with other artists. He worked together with a few celebrities which also helped him gain a fan base.

Jaden Hossler’s Girlfriend:

Jaden was single until he had recently started dating, Madison Lewis. Just a week ago in an interview with Hollywire, he talked about how he met Madison. But just a few days back they reportedly broke up via twitter. His ex-girlfriend also deleted all their posts together from her Instagram accounts.

Jaden Hossler Merch:

If you are a fan, you can find Jaden Hossler’s merchandise on his own website. There are hoodies, caps, and T-shirts that are his brandings on them.

Body Stats: Height and Weight

Height: 5ft 10 inches

Weight: 70-73 Kgs