Jackson Wang of GOT7 Has a New Song Out And It’s Fire

It’s not a surprise when a band falls off and everyone starts looking for solo careers. While many don’t find success in a solo venture, few artists have made an exception. And in the era of K-Pop, it’s somehow important that a band stays together. However, when GOT7’s Jackson Wang decided to come up with a solo project, fans didn’t know how to react.

Because, clearly, they don’t want to see their favorite band breaking off and going different directions. But then again, they can also get to hear so much new music, so, maybe it is a winning situation.

Be that as it may, Wang still decided to come up with solo projects, specifically an LP.

The name of the LP will be Mirrors and it is set to release in October 2019. But the best part is, that the K-Pop singer is already out with a brand new single. And quite frankly, it is off the charts.

Jackson Wang Releases A New Single.

“Bullet To The Heart” is his second single off of the new LP. And much like the first single “Oxygen,” Wang explores love and heartbreak in this song as well.

However, this song shows a more vulnerable side to the singer, something we’ve never seen before.

It deals with pain and heartbreak surrounding different scenarios. From relationships to pursuing a passion or following his dreams, it’s all a part of “Bullet to the Heart”.

One might think that his latest release is about romantic feelings but Wang has different theories about his own song.

“Listeners might analyze the song as a love story. It is, but it’s also applicable to much more than romantic love,” says Wang.

He further adds “We always face different obstacles in life. No matter how successful you are, hardships are still going to keep coming like an endless cycle; they will keep torturing you on this journey to success.”

About the Music Video.

bullet to the heart

Daniel Cloud Campos directs the music video of “Bullet to the Heart”. We can see a mysterious woman covered in black clothing trying to get to Wang who stars in the video as well.

The song, as mentioned earlier, isn’t just about a romantic relationship gone wrong. It is in fact, about a lot of factors that can lead to pain.

Here, the mysterious woman in question is taken as a metaphor that symbolizes a lot of different problems.

She uses telekinetic powers and tries to control him. Wang, on the other hand, accepts his faith as it comes without putting up much fight.

“A perspective that I am trying to portray is that when your passion and dedication to something are so strong, they can hold a large amount of power over you,” Wang adds.

“So powerful, that you are willing to repeat this endless cycle, willing to accept the torture. I believe we are able to endure and accomplish anything because love overcomes everything.”

Jackson Wang is set to release his brand new LP sometime in October. And he is also set to release another single in the same month.

About the Artist.

jackson wang

Although Jackson Wang is a K-Pop artist, he isn’t necessarily Korean. Wang was born in Kowloon Tong, British Hong Kong on March 28, 1994. He was a fencing champion back in his country and was in the eleventh position in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics.

His move to Seoul occurred after passing a music audition back in 2011.

After intense training for almost three years, Wang finally stepped out as the final member of the K-Pop group GOT7.

Ever since then, he’s been associated with the band.

Apart from band music, he also has his solo projects and acting career. Because Wang isn’t just about singing. He is a rapper, singer, dancer, actor, and host.

He has hosted a couple of awards and TV shows and appeared on television series.

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