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Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather Could Possibly Face 99 Years of Prison For Alleged Stabbing

Yaya Mayweather could spend up 99 years behind the bars

The 19-year-old daughter of Floyd Mayweather, Yaya Mayweather, may spend nearly 100 years behind bars after reportedly getting into a fight with a woman over rapper NBA YoungBoy.

Yaya Mayweather with her father, Floyd Mayweather
Yaya Mayweather with her father, Floyd Mayweather
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The Mayweather family made the headline after Yaya was accused of stabbing the 25-year-old girlfriend of rapper NBA YoungBoy. As a result of incidence, Jacobs was hospitalized and Mayweather was arrested.

What Actually Happened? Reason For Stabbing

According to The Blast, in the early morning hours of April 5, Yaya Mayweather got into an argument with Lapattra Jacobs, a woman who shares a child with NBA YoungBoy. Additionally, the reason for the heated argument was Yaya insisting Jacobs to leave YoungBoy’s house in Huston.

Things escalated at some point during the argument, and Mayweather allegedly stabbed Jacobs. As per the reports, Yaya attacked Jacobs with two knives in the kitchen, stabbing twice.

Reporting to the police, Jacob said that she didn’t feel the initial stab. Eventually, she was again attacked with the second knife, causing a serious injury. The survivor, LaPattra Jacobs, has undergone surgery after the ordeal, according to Hot97.

Could Possibly Face 99 Years of Prison; Released On Bail

Yaya Mayweather was arrested in Houston on April 4, on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Soon after the incident, she was held in Harris County Jail, Texas. Reportedly, She has been released on a $30,000 bail but the fines can be serious for her offenses.

The punishment for aggravated assault offense could be a sentence of 5 to 99 years, and a fine of up to $10,000, according to Texas law. Moreover, the victim is seriously injured which is considered a domestic violence incident. Due to this factor, Yaya’s time of sentence could be higher if she is convicted.

While the case of Mayweather has heavy punishments, it is unlikely that her penalty would be so severe, given that if she has no criminal records. Additionally, her track record would also have a part to play in the legal proceedings.

Yaya Mayweather Has A Mother On Her Side

Iyanna’s mother Melissia Rene defended her after she was arrested for stabbing another woman, allegedly. Additionally, the proud mother has decide to hold her back even in the worst situation.


Additionally, she posted a video on her Instagram account on April 10 to let her 358,000 followers know about her love and support towards her daughter. Particularly, she posted a video of herself and YaYa walking down a corridor, captioning:

Got your back FOREVER

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