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Is Raising Your Kids Without Religion Better?

Is Raising Your Kids Without Religion Better?

In today’s world, Religion has become one of the essential components for humans to live an ethical and moral life. Meanwhile, the number of religious believers is increasing unexpectedly. As things are changing, there are also peoples coming out who do not believe in religion. And they don’t want to raise their kids with religious values and ethics. Talking about the present, people are becoming increasingly secular.

If we go to the references of past researches, it is expected that 1.20 billion of the world population will become secular by the year 2060. Only in the United States, around 53% of the population are described of having no religious affiliation. If things are changing rapidly, is it good to raise your kids without the support of any religion? Let’s discuss the topic in the sections below.

How did Religion Start?

You believe it or not, but a person gets identified by his/her religion since their birth. Religion has become one of the essential paths for humans. Mentioning how Religion started to spread everywhere, there are not any concrete explanations about it. However, people believe it to be started after finding some written record of human experiences and ideas.

How did Religion start
Religion exists way before we defined it
Image Source: Charisma News

The basic concept for religion formed in the 16th or 17th centuries. Nevertheless, there were already a lot of sacred texts, languages, as well as mystical ideals way before someone could have defined religion. Without knowing the real start of religion, people started believing in ideals and following religious literature.

Raising Kids Without Religion: Good or Bad?

We all would appreciate that Religion was first created to build a smooth and ethical relationship between each other in society. So, there is no doubt that the people first admired religion for having stability and for supporting the good deeds of people. Some people don’t follow any religion but are serving the society for its progress and believes in human development.

Father is teaching his son to be religious
Father is teaching his son to be religious
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When a kid gets born into a family, he first believes whatever his/her parents are beliving. Religion is always there to maintain peace in the world and also provides hope to live a healthy life. Also, there is a lot of documentation on how religion helped people to overcome their sorrow in life. Following the religion may decrease the consumption of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Not only this, but some people commit suicide just because of depression or other pressures in life. On those situations, religion gives them hope and also provides them life satisfaction. If we go to read religious literature, we only find good things rather than listening to the peoples who don’t know anything about those kinds of literature.

Pope Francis blessing a child in 2018
Pope Francis blessing a child in 2018
Original Photo Source: Quartz

According to a 2003 Boston University study, the religious service attendance has provided the followers to score good marks among US girls in the South. If we follow the excellent footsteps, then there is no need of religion at all. One of the famous sociologists, Azim Shariff once explained ‘religion’ from the evolutionary standpoint saying:

When people lived in small, tribal communities, they had plenty of built-in incentives to act for the common good. If you told a lie, stole someone’s dinner, or failed to defend the group against its enemies, there was no way to disappear into the crowd.

Parents, Kids & Religion

As we mentioned prior, more people are becoming secular in the 21st century. Some parents don’t follow any religion and are in a dilemma of raising their kids with religion or not. It becomes harder when kids go to visit their religious relatives and question their parents about religious figures.

If we talk about the research figures, many young parents are atheists at present. They do not follow any religion and want to raise their kids without the support of any religious values.

However, parents always want their children to learn good things in life. Meanwhile, they also expect their kid to be secular. The kids who live a secular life also could have multiple benefits. They can see everyone equally as humans, and there are low chances of discrimination and racism.

Also, there might happen good changes like teamwork, support, social development, personal growth, etc. If the parents are not ready to make their kids religious, then they could provide their time to their children for their ethical development.


Raising your kids with religion is no way bad until and unless they step forward to live a good life. Some peoples do not believe in any supernatural punisher like God, but still, they follow the good deeds which are all mentioned in the religious books. Hence, raising kids with religion could be a better option for building ethics and good behavior in your kids.

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