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Is Offset Really Cheating on Cardi B

Is Offset Really Cheating on Cardi B

Well, for celebrities like Offset and Cardi B it’s not a new thing to get involved in the rumors and more importantly, the rumors related to love affairs.

In recent times, the rapping superstar, Offset was accused of cheating Cardi B.

In specific, Offset was accused of hitting on Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s girlfriend, Jade, by sending her a flirty DM on Instagram.

If you have a curiosity about are the couple still together?

Is Offset really Cheating on Cardi B? How is their relationship now? You are into the perfect place.

Make sure you ain’t missing any part of the article below.


Cheating Allegations

Offset was accused of hitting the girlfriend of Tekashi 6ix9ine, Jade, by sending her on Instagram a flirty DM. Jade shared a video, opening the message of Offset which said “Miss u fr [for real].


Jade posted a video captioning “Your wife @iamcardib has a OPEN CRIMINAL CASE , why are you writing me you don’t respect her ??????? Theirs a lot of s— I haven’t exposed yet , but there’s a time for that 😭😭😭🌈 I’m the QUEEN 👑 of talking s— now I’m backing it up


Cardi B coming up with the Defence

As soon as Jade posted the video, Cardi came up with a series of videos to drive off the rumors about cheating.

Further, she cleared all the bullshits and straight came to the point, defending her husband against bullshit.

Cardi posted a video on her Instagram account, saying “Everybody knows he’s done some dumb shit.

But come on now, [he’s] not dumb, he’s not crazy, we’ve been so good, we had a sweet weekend, our life has been good, he’s not going to play himself like that,” Cardi added “That’s why I’m not going to entertain that, that’s why I’m not getting rowdy. Simple as that.

Additionally, Offset has also responded about the alleged infidelity via his Instagram account.

In particular, he took the help of his wife’s Instagram account to clear about the rumors.

In the story, he said “Somebody hacked one of my emails that’s connected to all my shit and that’s how I got hacked from the jump,” he said, showing email from Facebook’s support team.I’ve been having a good weekend, man. I wake up to this bullshit.” he continued the clarification saying, “I’m with my family, man. I ain’t on no stupid shit. Thanksgiving just passed, a great thanksgiving with my family. I ain’t on no bullshit, man. I wanna thank Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram for all sticking together and helping me.


The replying game wasn’t over yet, soon after Cardi B responded about the rumors, Jade again used her Instagram story to claim that the hack was a just a story.


Are the Couples Still Together?

Undoubtedly, the couple is still living a happy life together

. In fact, Cardi B seems to be a supportive wife and doesn’t seem to care much about unwanted rumors.

Apart from all the controversies, Cardi B posted an anniversary shout-out on her Instagram account, saying “marriage is about learning and growing, and that’s apparently what they’ve been doing during their on-again-off-again relationship.

Cardi B and Offset love story

Although the rumors about their divorce are all over the internet, the couple is living a blissful marital life.

Moreover, it seems like Cardi adores her husband a lot which depicted from one of Cardi’s Grammy-winning speeches.

She thanked Offset for motivating her to complete the album that won the award.


A Secrete Wedding Ceremony

Surprisingly, the couple managed to hide news about their wedding for almost 9 months.

The media got to know about the news when Cardi revealed the fact in June 2018.

After she finally came up with her marital relationship status,  she explained about the whole propaganda via twitter.

She Twitted “There are so many moments that I share with the world and there are moments that I want to keep for myself! Getting married was one of those moments! Our relationship was so new breaking up and making up and we had a lot of growing to do but we was so in love we didn’t want to lose each other.

Marital Status

As of now, the couple is parenting an adorable daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus who was born on July 10, 2018.

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