Is Modern Education Ruining Family Values

Education is a basic need and rights of every human being on this planet. It’s a process that helps make a man a better member of society. It is something that makes a person civilized and tolerant.

In ancient times, people used to walk miles away from home. They’d live at their guru’s place and commit to learning and education all their life.

A teacher was the most respected person in ancient times. They would teach their pupils about life and very important values.

But time sure changes fast. For today, education has taken a different toll. We don’t have to walk for miles just to attend classes.

In fact, you can sit right where you are and get all your assignments thanks to the internet.

Modern education has made a lot of things possible and easier in today’s time.

Since the world is rapidly growing and so is the technology, it is important to adapt. It is necessary to grow with time and be familiar with the ways of the world.

Modern education system helps children cope with the changing times. And it also helps in developing and preparing a child for the future.

After all, isn’t developing and preparing for the future is what education all about?

However, an important question arises every time one mentions modern education.

Is it ruining important family values? Is there morality in modern education? Are kids pushed further away from moral values due to modern education?


Is Modern Education Stripping Children from Moral Values?

Education is no doubt the most important thing in a person’s life. It is what distinguishes the wise ones from the unknowns.

But sometimes education pushes people away from moral values. Having said that, I’m not blaming the teachers but the whole system.

The modern education system teaches kids a lot of things. However, most of the times, there is a lack of moral values in students.

Students are taught the importance of freedom and independence which is actually a good thing. But sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad.

Because emphasizing too much on independence and freedom makes one forget to be kind and generous.

Children will forget about the sacrifices their parents made for them. Instead, they’ll focus more on freedom and less about family values.


Children become more selfish.

There is more emphasis on success and how tough the world is rather than morality in the modern education system.

Schools and colleges focus more on producing future doctors and engineers than shaping and nurturing children’s delicate mind.

Despite knowing that the competition is tough and that not everyone is the same, they still push kids off their limits.

And in this tough race, schools neglect to teach about the importance of moral and family values.

Thus, more and more children lack moral values.

They become selfish and self-centered focusing more on how to be successful and earn money. And less on how to have a good relationship with family and friends.

The “taking care of yourself” and “looking out for yourself” attitude fosters selfishness among children and they tend to forget the importance of family values.

Above all, modern education has changed the mentality of the children.

In the past, failure was more like a challenge for people to work hard and gather lessons and experiences.

If something didn’t work out, people used to devote their time in making it work, especially relationships.

However, today, people have made failure a choice rather than a challenge. Instead of working on it, it’s easier for them to quit and walk away if something doesn’t work out.

Thanks to modern education, sex isn’t sacred anymore. And separations or divorces aren’t a taboo.

Love, respect, knowledge, creativity, and intelligence is merely words and nothing more.

And family values and morality are just present in the bedtime stories you read to your kids.

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