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Is Keanu Reeves Dating His Long Time Friend Alexandra Grant?

Is Keanu Reeves Dating His Long Time Friend Alexandra Grant?

Fans Alert!!! Internet has broken since Keanu Reeves and his longtime partner, Alexandra Grant, announced themselves as couple.

The two went public on the red carpet at the LACMA Art+ Film Gala presented by Gucci in Los Angeles this Saturday.

This is the first public romance of Keanu Reeves in decades, after his relationship with Jennifer Syme.

So fans, are you curious to know who your favorite star fell in love with and how did this happen?

Don’t worry, we have got you. Read the article to know more this hot topic and hot couple together as a whole.


Brief About Alexandra Grant

Is Keanu Reeves Dating His Long Time Friend Alexandra Grant?

Lesser known fact, born in 1973 in Fairview Park, Ohio, Alexandra Grant is an American artist based in Los Angeles.

Alexandra graduated from Swarthmore College with a BA in 1994 and from California College of the Arts with a MFA in 2000.

Grant uses language, literature and exchanges with writers as the source for imagery in sculpture, painting, drawing, and videos.

Alexandra Grant is famous for her collaborations that give shape to what she does as an artist.

She started gaining fame through her first solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Loss Angeles in 2007, organized by curator Alma Ruiz.

A catalog from the exhibition features her large-scale works on paper, an essay on her work by Ruzi, and an essay that inspired Grant by Helene Cixous the French writer and philosopher.

Alexandra Grant is popular as a ‘radical collaborator’ the longest of her exchanges being with Michael Joyce.

She is also recognized for her philanthropic grantLove project, where she has raised money for arts’ nonprofit through sales of her LOVE symbol works.


Her Relationship Status

Is Keanu Reeves Dating His Long Time Friend Alexandra Grant?

The story of Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves’ relationship began in 2009, when they met at a dinner party.

Reeves, being a musician and poet, and Grant being an artist, the two hit it off and ended up becoming good friends.

However, they are not only longtime friends, but also great business partners.

Grand and Reeves worked together on Keanu’s book named Ode to Happiness in 2011.

They also collaborated in 2016 with Shadows, with illustrations by Alexandra Grant.

The following year, they co-founded publishing house X Artists’ Books and worked on several other projects as well.

This hot couple came together at the Los Angeles event on Saturday holding hands and smiling.

An insider told Life & Style that Keanu and Alexandra’s friendship has turned romantic.

Everyone is ecstatic that he’s finally found happiness with such a wonderful woman, Keanu doesn’t stop raving about her, the insider added.

Keanu Reeves dated his Babes in Toyland co-start Jill Schoelen and director Sofia Coopla.

Later, he got romantically involved with Jennifer Syme, an assistant to musician Dave Navarro.

In 1999, Syme gave birth to a daughter. Sadly, Syme died in a car crash in 2001.

Keanu Reeves could not think of moving on in life.

Everyone had lost their hopes to see Keanu Reeves getting happily married.

On the other hand, his girl fans were quite happy to make him their internet boyfriend.

But, now that Keanu Reeves is officially dating Alexandra Grant, his legion of seems to be sad with the news.

Nevertheless, seeing him happy with his partner does put a smile on everyone’s face, doesn’t it?

Keanu Reeves might be expecting little compromise and lots of love from your side.