Is Ester Expósito in a Relationship With Karim Benzema? Everything to know about Spanish Actress

Ester Expósito

Ester Exposito who recently turned 20, is reportedly dating Karim Benzema. Ester is a Spanish actress who works for a show on Netflix named Elite. She was born and raised in Spain. She has won several awards throughout her career as well.

Ester Expósito
Photo: Instagram @ester_exposito
Ester Exposito

Ester Exposito started acting from a very young age of 6. Although she is Spanish, she is fluent in English. Ester is a growing actress who is working hard to reach the top. She has spent a huge portion of her 20 years’ life on acting.

Ester Exposito was dating Alvaro Rico until last year:

Until just last year, she was dating Alvaro Rico who was also one of the cast members of the Netflix show Elite. He is also a Spanish actor and they were working together on the set of Elite. Not only were they dating but were also living t0gether at one moment.


They announced their breakup during October last year. Since they are also co-stars, their fanbase was quite similar. She still hasn’t deleted her photos with Alvaro on her Instagram.

The actress had also been associated with the footballer Mbappe in a few instances. However, these speculations were never confirmed by any credible source.

Is Ester Exposito’s dating Karim Benzema?

Recently, there has been a rumor that Ester is dating the football player Karim Benzema. However, the rumors aren’t confirmed and are still subject to speculations. One of the major reasons for these speculations is because the football player had shared a few photos of Ester with heart emoticons. Later which was brought into the limelight by people magazine. However, neither Ester Exposito or Karim Benzema has given much interest in the issue and has remained silent.

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Ester Exposito

The major concern over this relationship is that Karim is was already in another relationship. He was reportedly together with his girlfriend, Cora Gauthier with whom they also have a son. They are even rumored to have secretly married the previous year.

What we need to know about Karim Benzema?

Karim Benzema is the striker of the Real Madrid Football Club. He is a 32-year-old French man who had a daughter and a son. He is also rumored to be married to his long time girlfriend with whom he also has a son.


Ester Exposito’s acting career and roles that she played:

She has acted in the following TV series until now:

  1. Elite: As Carla Rosón Caleruega
  2. Medical Center: As Rosa Martin
  3. The hunt: Lucia Castán Grau
  4. Vis a Vis: As Daughter to Fernando
  5. I am alive: As Ruth
  6. Somebody has to die: As Cayetana
  7. Poison

Additionally, she has also played a few movies. Such as:

  1. God Forgive us
  2. When the angels sleep: As Silvia
  3. Your son: As Andrea

Her personal life:

Ester was born in the year 2000 in Madrid, Spain. From an early age, she was interested in the artistic world. Which is probably why she entered into acting. Ester Exposito is believed to have had very supportive parents. She has been in the acting career since she was 6 and her parents probably were a major reason behind her childhood fame and success.


Ester Exposito is also very fashionable and trendy. As you can see in her Instagram posts, she seems like a very outgoing person. She has lots of posts about her traveling and partying as well. She also considers herself a feminist and has actively participated in the Stop EVA virus movement.

Ester’s Body and Measurements:

If you judge her by the looks, she seems very mature for her age. Although she is only 20 she has a very mature person. The Elite actress is 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a very slim body frame. At present, she has about 32-23-31 of body measurements.

She has brownish hair and likes to keep it long. She has a light brown eye which also looks greenish at times.

Ester’s Salary and Net worth:

Although her earnings from acting are still not confirmed out publicly, comparing it to similar actresses we can make an educated guess.


Her net worth just from her acting career can be speculated to be around $500,000-$1 million. This might increase over time, and there are indirect sources of earnings that Ester has. She also is the brand ambassador for Ralph Lauren.