Is Gender Reveal Party Really Important?

Gender reveal party ideas

How many gender reveals parties have you been to? There are so many posts on social media.

But whenever someone calls me to such places, I can’t help but wonder.

Is it really necessary to declare the gender of your kid in front of everyone you know?

Will it make one happier and would I do the same?

To understand these things I jotted down some points.


When did Gender Reveal Party Start?

gender reveal cake

So, as per the internet, Jenna Karvunidis uploaded the first ever gender reveal post on 2008.

The idea then kid of sprung from there. Later everyone started following and made it a big thing.

She basically gave people the gender reveal party idea.

After Instagram and Pinterest started on 2010, more and more people started sharing such posts.

As per YouTube, there are more than 500,000 videos on YouTube of couples slicing cakes and setting off smoke bombs to reveal the gender of their child.

But even Jenna now says that she regrets throwing that party. Her views on gender has changed.

Nonetheless, more and more people plan this party for their unborn child and decide to reveal the gender.

Jenna's family at present


When is it Normally Celebrated?

Gender reveal

Generally people give gender reveal parties after the first trimester of their pregnancy.

Since the chance of miscarriage is high before that.

The gender reveal party is given before the baby showers.

Since, the gender reveal party now a days provides the gender of the child, people find it easier in baby showers to find a gift.

This facilitates a gender-specific gift during the baby shower.


The different kinds of Gender Reveals

The gender reveal party idea seems logical for some of the parents.

There are so many gender reveal party ideas that you can use:

  • You can use different themes for your parties.
  • These themes can either be based on color, decoration of anything else.
  • You can also incorporate several games under your party to make it fun and exciting.
  • While revealing the gender, you can use Balloon pops, cakes or smoke bombs.

Pinterest and Instagram are full of such ideas for your party.

So, you can choose any one of these as per your wish.


The Criticisms

Gender reveal parties are based on just two genders. And in most cases, pink and blue defines these genders.

But when we do this, we forget that there are more than 2 genders.

There are many reasons why these parties are more burdensome to the parents than fruitful.


When you give such parties, the babies are supposed to believe that they are one particular gender.

The children are expected to stay the same gender and completely ignore any other possibility.

This also might be one of the reasons why they might be hesitant to come out if necessary. So, the gender reveal party


These parties are one of the reasons for gender stereotypes.

The gender reveal ideas such as, using pink balloons for girls and blue for guys.

Associating the color with sex of the baby.

All of these actions lead to creating  a stereotypical view about the sex and color.


Why do we need an extra party when we already have baby showers.

Instead of gender reveal party, baby shower is a way better idea.

You won’t be creating any stereotypes or hurt anyone’s feeling.

Also baby showers are celebrated in many traditions and cultures.

In this party mainly the family are invited.


Biologically there are two sexes- yes! But gender reveals is one of the worst misnomers.

All that these party does is reveal the sex. However, we should not confuse the sex of the baby with its gender.


Gender Reveal Party

The props that they use for gender reveal parties are just harmful for the environment.

The fact that it is unnecessary is why the impact it makes on the environment is important.

Similarly, people are trying to perform stunts in these parties.

The stunts have a huge chance of getting in an accident and hardly anyone wants that at a party.

Therefore, I can only ask you to think before you decide to organize such party or go in one.

Although it seems like a simple and easy idea, there are many hidden consequences to it.

And most of the times it is not leading to a great ending.