Internship Beauty Rules: 10 Rules You Need to Know

Internship Beauty Rules

As an intern, there are certain things you should be careful of if you are looking for a long term placement, you need to have a good impression over your supervisors. So, there are certain internship beauty rules that you need to follow if you want a placement offer.

The internship beauty rules you need to know

Sometimes we tend to go overboard with our makeup and style if there are no rules to bound us. These rules also vary from place to place. Some cultures might not allow you to have too much freedom in your choice of cloth or hair. But in other places, these things will hardly matter. So, these are generally things that are common for both of the extremes:

Internship Beauty Rule 1: Your clothes should be professional

Even though you are not formally an employee of that organization, you must respect the workplace. There are only a few workspaces that allow you to be casual. If your internship organization has a specific dress code or beauty rules, make sure to follow it.

Internship Beauty
Internship Beauty rule: Wear professional clothes

Try to wear clothes that are not too sheer or tight. You probably don’t want unwanted attention towards you. Also, try to make sure that your clothes are not too revealing.

Furthermore, you should also make sure that your clothes are clean and properly ironed. Make sure that you are not wearing something with an offensive message. Try to stay away from things that you shouldn’t wear at the office.

2. Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed

It can be such a turnoff seeing someone with dirt inside their fingernails. You probably wouldn’t want anyone to judge you from your nails. So, make sure you trim them. If you are planning to put a nail color, use something neutral.

Make sure your nails are trimmed
Internship Beauty rule: Make sure your nails are trimmed

The key is to not go overboard with shimmer and sharp nails. No one wants your fake nails to poke you as well. So, make sure they are not chipped. Trim them regularly and use a neutral nail color. This is another obvious internship beauty rule you need to consider.

Internship Beauty Rule 3: Perfume and deodorant

Do not use perfumes that are too overpowering. Using a subtle perfume is the key when it comes to scents. Avoid using it over your clothes and too much at the same time. Invest in a good perfume that doesn’t have a very strong scent.

internship beauty rule
Internship beauty rule: Done put too much perfume

At the same time, make sure that you don’t smell. Just because you cant use perfume doesn’t mean you cannot use deodorants. Body odor is natural, but that doesn’t mean you can make others uncomfortable with it. So, make sure you use just enough to keep yourself from smelling like sweat.

4. Choose the right shoes to wear:

Yes, some offices allow you to wear casual shoes and maybe even flipflops. But if your company has everyone wearing formals, try to maintain the decorum.

Internship Beauty Rules
Wear proper shoes to internships

Also, it doesn’t matter if everyone else isn’t wearing formals. If you want to make an impression, you got to keep your level high.

5. Hairstyles:

Another very uncommon but essential internship beauty rule is your hairstyle. Try to maintain your hair and keep it trimmed.

Make sure you properly groom yourself before your office. Wash your hair regularly and try not to have bangs that cover your eyes and face.

6. Makeup:

You cannot forget this beauty rule when it comes to the internship. At workplaces, please use as little makeup as possible. You probably don’t want to distract anyone at the office.

Internship Beauty Rules
Beauty rule: don’t wear heavy makeups at an internship

Try to limit yourself with simple concealers and foundations. You can wear anything you want after you get out of the office, but try to maintain the dignity inside. Try to use more neutral colors when it comes to your eyeshadow and lipsticks.

 7. Beauty Emergency Kit:

More than a rule, this is a crucial tip. Many times you will end up in a situation where you might need a safety pin or a sewing kit. These things will come in handy if you have any tear in your clothes. Rather than panicking about what to do, you will have a helpful solution.

Additionally, you should also keep an umbrella or raincoat if you are working in areas where there is a possibility of rain.

8. Extra jackets and shoes:

Being prepared for whatever comes ahead shows that you are very thoughtful as well. So, this might not be precisely a beauty rule to follow, but make sure you always have an extra pair of shoes and a jacket or cardigan.

Internship Beauty
Beauty rule: Carry extra warm clothes to internship

The cardigan will come in handy if you have some tear in your clothes. Similarly, if your shoes hurt you, make sure you have an option in hand.

Internship Beauty Rule 9: Dental Health

We shouldn’t forget one of the most crucial beauty necessities. Make sure that you keep your teeth clean. At the same time, make sure that your mouth doesn’t smell bad. This can create an uncomfortable situation at the office. You don’t need someone to keep this as a beauty rule for you in your internship; this is implied.

Internship Beauty rule: maintain proper dental hygiene

If you are someone who smokes, make sure that you carry some mint along with you and wash your hands after you smoke. Similarly, carry some gums in case you worry you have bad breath. Trust me; this is such a savior.

10. Keep everything clean and simple:

From your hairstyle to your shoes, make sure that you are not overpowering anyone with your style. Remember, the lesser you do with makeup, the more sophisticated you look. Try to have a more natural look. Go for neutral colors rather than shiny or warm tones. Maintain your hygiene and keep yourself clean.

So, these are some general beauty rules that you need to consider in your internships. These also differ from office to office and their dress codes. However, it is for the best if you try to be on the safer side.