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Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now!!

Oct 16 2019 By Aayushma B.

Instagram is an emerging app right now where people keep inspiring people.

It is a place where you find literally every kind of pictures.

People love posting their daily activities on Instagram, especially the celebrities who do not hesitate to post their daily life on their stories.

It’s a fun app not only to view photos and videos, but also to learn new things as well.

So, if you are an Instagramer, check this article out to know something more.

Here’s a list of instagram accounts you should follow if you love:


1. Cooking and Food Recipe : @buzzfeedtasty

Tasty instagram account

If you love cooking, you definitely search for recipes online. But there could be a thousands of recipes and it might confuse you. So, follow this account to save some time.

This is the best instagram account to follow for someone who like tasty food but has less time to learn.

Buzzfeed tasty has uploaded thousands of recipes. Unlike your google searches, tasty uploads short 1 minute videos. Moreover, it’s easier to learn through a video than reading.

They have longer youtube videos if you feel like giving it a shot. Subscribe to their account for regular uploads.

These videos have descriptions on them which makes it even easier. So, grab your phones now and press that follow button.


2. Fashion and Style Inspiration

Toni Mahfud's instagram

Of course all of us have different sense of style. This could be the best instagram account to follow if you want to learn more about men’s fashion.

We all like being unique and different. And we certainly like it when we are admired for our sense of fashion. So, learn from the one of the best fashion influencers on instagram.

Toni Mahfud has 3.4 million followers as of now. His contents are very interesting and so is his sense of fashion.

This 24 year old instagrammer likes to travel. The clothes he wears are versatile and trendy as well. So, give this account a shot, you might learn pretty cool things.

Amy Jackson

When it comes to women fashion there so thousands of choices. This makes it even harder for us to find the best thing.

Nevertheless, there are people who make this job easier for you. And the one who seems perfect for this job is Amy Jackson.

She has a vast list of styling options laid out for you to choose. Her posts vary from trendy summer styles to cozy winter dressing.

So, stop wasting your time looking for more and follow her on instagram to learn more.


3. Fitness and Exercise

Instagram account

It’s difficult to understand the science of exercising.

Unless you have a degree in fitness or nutrition it can be difficult to understand the science behind it. In this

Instagram account

There are only an ample number of women who post regular workout videos. Among them I prefer gainsbybrains because she posts workout routine in instagram.

She has workout routines for both bulking and cutting. So, whichever you are trying out it might be a help.

Another reason to follow her is for the tips and inspiration for gym wears.

So, if you wanna motivate yourself and start working out, this is the instagram account you should follow.


4. Study Motivation: @studytee


We’ve all had times when studying seems just sooooo hard.

Don’t worry because there are people who can help you out of it. Her notes and handwriting makes me push myself to the best.

The best part about her is that she also uploads youtube videos.

These videos are motivating and informative at the same time.

So, you should follow her instagram account if you are in serious need of study motivation.


5. Inspirational and Motivating Quotes: @thegoodquote

If you haven’t followed this account, I highly request you to.

This account has some of the best words in the internet.

And sometimes these words might just be the ones you need to hear.

So, open your account and tune in to some positivity.


6. Jokes and Memes


There are some crazy funny contents out there in the internet.

Instagram is filled with creative people and these people don’t fail to show their creativity on jokes.

However, most of these accounts are private so you don’t get to explore it without following.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of finding out the ones I’ve laughed the hardest at.

Since, you cannot have to much of laughter, for this i’ve narrowed down to 3 accounts:

  1. @epicfunnypage
  2. @sarcasm_only
  3. @couplesnote

Follow these instagram account and share these meme’s with your loved ones.


7. Art: @wyliewestcreative

instagram account

It’s difficult to find inspiration sometimes.
But if you’re artistic and love painting your thoughts out, this instagram account might be perfect for you.
Her designs are pretty and easy to follow.
It’s not too difficult to press the follow button. So, follow her account and improve your skills too.

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