How to Work with Someone You Don’t Like

We all have someone at work that might not be the first person that we would want to work with. Either because of the things that they do or the way that they act, they probably get on your nerves.

They might do it intentionally, but it is also possible that we make it up ourselves in our minds. Whatever may be the case, we need to be able to do the things we want to. So, here is a list of tips on how to work with someone you don’t like:

Understand that everyone is different:

Work with Someone You Don't Like

This is a rather straightforward point. But to be able to work with anyone, there needs to be a certain level of compassion. Everyone is fighting their own battle. No matter how much a person seems tough on the outside, at the end of the day, we are all humans.

We all get motivated by our accomplishments and get disappointed when we fail. So, to be able to bear being around someone that gets in your nerves, understand that they want to be loved and appreciated too.

Accept everyone has their issues:

Work with Someone You Don't LikeNo human being is perfect in this world. The faster you understand this, the better it is for your peace. So, if you feel like someone isn’t treating you the way you want them to, try to understand why they are doing so. They have their own set of problems that they face every single day.

So, if you try to look at them from a different perspective, maybe you will be able to see behind their strong face mask. You might realize that they are all looking for love and appreciation, just like you.

Do Not indulge yourself in gossips:

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People these days love to indulge themselves in gossip. But when at work, try not to be involved in non-productive gossips. We don’t realize how our behavior might create a problem in understanding how to work with someone we hate.

Talking about someone else in a group will make you feel that everyone has a problem with them. Maybe you will feel like everyone else hates a particular person. As a result, you might start hating them as well to fit in. But this is not the right thing to do.

Human gossips are twisted and mostly based on assumptions that we make from the little information we have about someone. It’s essential to learn how to not gossip at work.

Set Boundaries:

Work with Someone You Don't Like

If you feel like all the above tips will not be helpful in your case, you can use this one. If you still wonder how you will be able to work with that certain someone who intentionally harms your peace of mind, try to stay away from them. Something that affects you to the extent that it breaks your mental peace, needs to be changed.

You need to work on keeping them as far as possible. It might not always be suitable in a work scenario, but you can still manage to keep yourself apart from the unnecessary headaches that might come in your way. Use these tips to set boundaries at work.

Try to make changes in your action and observe:

If the person is vital to you, or you think the person has a specific reason to act weirdly. There is a possibility that the person has an issue over the things you do. In particular, you might be a problem with their unusual behavior.

So, try to make changes in your behavior towards them and see if they respond to those changes positively. You need to make efforts if you want something to change. So, if you’re going to work with someone you don’t like, learn how to make amends.

If you think that even after doing all these things, you cannot bear the thought of being around them, try these tips:

  • Take a break

  • Rise above your ego and let the small stuff slide

  • Care about your mental health

  • Express your concerns

  • Understand that only you can change your happiness

Finally, if someone is making your life miserable, try to maintain a distance between them and you. You can take some time off work to understand their behavior and analyze the situation.

You need to be able to distance yourself from any situation to look at it from a broader perspective. Perhaps you can always decide to confront them if required and try to make them understand how you feel.

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