How To Transition Your Summer Outfits Into Fall Looks

How To Transition Your Summer Outfits Into Fall Looks
Merge your summer wear with fall staples. Discover how to transition your summer style to fall fits in three different stylish and practical ways.

In most places around the world, daylight fades faster, and a cool breeze lingers throughout the day as summer transitions into fall. Along with the seasonal festivities, pumpkin-spiced marketing, and cooler forecasts, fall also brings the joy of autumnal fashion. Since it’s still too soon to store your summer gear and bring out the coats—due to fall’s temperamental forecasts—finding a way to merge summer and fall fashion keeps you equipped for this seasonal switch. Here are three style tips on how to transition your summer outfits into fall looks.

Add a Pair of Tights

Continue wearing your short dresses, skirts, and shorts this fall with a pair of tights. With the temperatures teetering back and forth between hot and cold, a pair of tights creates a practical and stylish in-between. Sheer tights provide some form of coverage while also giving you a bit of breathability. They’re perfect for indecisive weather forecasts. Slipping tights under your short apparel allows you to wear your summer fits while keeping your legs warm.

Layer Up the Look

Wearing various layers transforms your summer looks into practical cool weather attire. Like wearing tights, there are numerous ways to layer up a look, from wearing an undershirt to adding outerwear. The more layers, the warmer you’ll be. As a bonus, layered outfits also give you the ability to remove clothing items from your look if the day decides to swing more summery than autumnal. It produces a transitional look fit for the shifting forecasts.

Switch Up the Shoes

Shoes are an independent fashion concept and accessory. They play an integral part in a look, accessorizing the clothes and making statements of their own. Fall shoe trends for 2022 feature a mix of summer and fall footwear. They include the classic fall favorite—boots —and more versatile options, like sneakers. Embracing the shoe trends and switching your summer footwear into more fall-appropriate alternatives transforms a summer dress and other summer styles into a fall outfit.

Tights, layers, and fall footwear transition your summer look into fall attire. Although most calendars mark the arrival of fall, summer days linger, giving you weeks featuring a mix of hot and cold days. Transitional summer-to-fall outfits provide you with a balance of the best fashion features from both seasons. Plus, it creates practical yet fashionable looks.