How to Start an Online Business from Home?

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Most of us have several unique ideas and would love to start our own business. Studies show that the operations of 50% of small companies are carried out from home. There are various reasons why people prefer starting an online business from their home. Most of them have considerable experience in their respective industries and prefer to have financial independence. They would like to work as consultants to start with and then own a full-fledged business from their homes.

You would be astonished to know that only around 40% of small businesses are profitable. There are the causes of low finances and faulty planning and strategies. While several successful online businesses cite as examples, most of us know that starting one is not an easy task. There are several factors to consider before you can create your business. This article will discuss the success factor for all online businesses.

Start with a viable idea

Before you even think about owning a business, you must have a few viable options in front of you. You can start by taking stock of your skills and strengths. It could be helpful if you have prior experience in the field. To start a successful online business from home, you must have a robust business plan to ensure that it will provide you with superior returns within a short time frame.

Always do exhaustive research about the market that exists for the service you wish to offer. Also, map your skills and take adequate training if needed. The market sizing must be done while you gather as much as you can about the service you wish to offer. Understand the optimal channels that can help you to maximize returns.

Formulate a robust business plan

The first step of all successful online businesses is to formulate a business plan. Start by going back to the research that you have done and find out the market size. Based on this information, you can estimate the revenues you can generate over time. It would help if you also had a plan about the other factors that could affect your business and have backup plans for any contingency.

Before starting an online business, it is necessary to know about your competitors. If you plan to sell products online, you must also finalize the distribution channel. The marketing plan should also form a part of this overall plan. Once you have the expenditure in place, you must create an outline of the proposed cash flows and have the balance sheet in place. Once you have the business plan in place, you can also approach investors for funding in your new venture.

Ensure compliance

It is necessary to stay on the right side of the law. You must ensure that you have the required documentation in place. You must take experts’ help to know precisely the permits and certificates you should have in place for starting an online business from home.

Procuring the necessary documentation is relatively easy. You must provide details about your organizational set-up and your business to have the proper permits in place. Also, ensure that you renew them ahead of time to prevent them from expiring.

Define the buyer personas

Before formalizing a marketing plan, you must find out the buyer personas. You can undergo adequate online research or even go through the competition to gather knowledge. The target audience must be mapped to the services you wish to offer. You can tweak your overall business plan accordingly. The market size can be determined, and it will help you forecast the revenues you can generate over time.

Your business’s branding will depend on the age group and the income class to which they belong. It can also help you in pricing your products and services portfolio. The launch strategy can also vary to a great extent depending on the buyer personas.

Designing the website

All successful online businesses have a website that acts as the fulcrum to have a strong pipeline in place. Your website is bound to be your communication medium with your audience. Before designing your website, you must create a logo that will be in sync with the perception you wish your audience has about your solutions. You can use UX experts to design the workflows that will take your visitors on the buyer’s journey.

The website must be simple and adhere to SEO best practices. It must be responsive and have relevant infographics that relate to your products and services. The website must have a clear call-to-action on all the product pages, and it is good to have a few relevant videos across the website.

Procure an SSL certificate

Your website must be on the HTTPS protocol. It will require you to procure an SSL certificate that will encrypt the incoming visitors’ information. If you need to store visitor information, it is more than necessary to have an HTTPS website.

The selection of SSL depends upon the type of SSL certificate like single domain, wildcard SSL, multi-domain SSL. Let us say, in case of security of multiple subdomains, you need a wildcard SSL certificate. It will secure the primary domain as well as the sub-domains at the same level.

E-commerce websites must be adherent to the PCI-DSS guidelines. You must compulsorily have an SSL certificate. Moreover, it will help you in the search rankings too. It will help to prevent data breaches and keep the information about the visitors to the website safe.

Selling products? Finalize the supply chain

If you are proposing to sell products online, it is essential to finalize how you will source them. Are you willing to make some of the products yourself? If you aren’t, you must enter into sourcing agreements with the producers. If you choose DIY products, you have to source them individually from the craft stores.

You may also work with a wholesaler. The other option is to have a dropshipping model, where you will only have to bother about marketing the products online. It is the ideal option when you are just starting with your business.

Marketing your website

Your chips are now in place, but you have to grow your business too. You need not fret, as you can handle the marketing bit online. A critical success factor for all online businesses is reaching out to a larger audience through optimal digital marketing activities. Start by formulating a robust digital marketing strategy.

You must have a business page on the major social media channels. It is also essential to write relevant blogs and articles. Also, publish content on your business pages along with the proper hashtags. Ensure that the items are optimized with keywords that are relevant to your business. You can also take the help of relevant influencers who can help you reach the targeted audience faster.


Starting an online business is not easy. It would help if you focused on your strengths and not necessarily your passions. Having background knowledge about your venture can help you to run the business successfully. Most successful online businesses focus on a niche that is in demand. You will use the website to attract visitors. Besides, a website should have strong web security to protect online customers as we discussed above types of SSL certificate. We have created this online guide to help you when starting an online business from home. You can employ these strategies and utilize proper KPIs to help you to fuel growth.


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